Everything Revealed At The Destiny 2 The Final Shape Showcase

Published: August 22, 2023 1:00 PM /


The logo for the Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase, showing The Traveler with a mysterious kaleidoscopic triangle portal on it.

Today, Bungie debuted its Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase. It is a video presentation highlighting new features and content coming to their sci-fi live service shooter. Here is what was revealed.

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape Showcase

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase opens with the game's director, Joe Blackburn, recounting the events of Destiny, from the first game's launch to the present.

As for story content in The Final Shape, Blackburn confirms that the finale will involve players entering the heart of The Traveler and doing battle with The Witness.

Complimenting this is a brand new trailer, touching upon key events throughout the game's decade-long history.

The showcase proceeds to show off the new environment from Destiny 2 The Final Shape. The heart of The Traveler appears to be a combination of multiple environments from the past, assembled in increasingly disturbing ways by The Witness; a certain kind of twisted nostalgia.

With a new environment comes new enemies: Subjugators. These servants of The Witness will utilize both Stasis and Strand, bringing a bunch of area control to gunbattles.

 The Final Shape confirms new subclass options.

The shown options include a new ranged void Super for Titans where they throw giant battleaxes, the Hunter gets a new teleporting arc knife attack, and the Warlock gets more crowd control with new solar-seeking blasts.

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase also confirms new exotic weapons coming to this expansion. While older classes like Red Death, Khovostov, and Dragon's Breath can be seen, Bungie has confirmed new support weapons will be coming like an auto-rifle that heals allies.

Furthermore, the narrative team addresses one of the bigger story turns in Destiny 2 The Final Shape: the return of Cayde-6.They confirm that Nathan Fillion will return to voice the robotic rogue, and that he will serve as a guide to players through the heart of The Traveler.

The Destiny 2 The Final Shape showcase also revealed new information about the upcoming season of content.

In Season of the Witch, Guardians will be able to wield Hive magic, including Hive Weapons and Armor, while facing Xivu Arath.

As for new gameplay elements, the season will feature a deck-building element. Each card will impose extra bonuses (and penalties) on your Guardian as you go into different activities.

In keeping with this Hive theme, Bungie confirms that the Crota's End Raid from Destiny 1 will be returning to Destiny 2. It will be available to all players at no additional cost.

For those that have missed out on certain Exotic weapons, Bungie has confirmed that an Exotic Mission Rotator is coming. Not only can you replay older Exotic Weapon missions like Presage, but the weapons will also be craftable.

Bungie takes time to explain some new quality-of-life features and streamlined progression. A new LFG system called Fireteam Finder, will be introduced. This system will include helpful tags, letting players know if you are casual, experienced, or even colorblind.

As for endgame activities, Destiny 2 will use a new system called Fireteam Power. This will allow new or inexperienced players to enjoy Raids or Dungeons without having to grind out to a certain Power level.

Helping new or lapsed players even further, Bungie will be bringing back several key story missions from past expansions. Referred to as Timeline Reflections, these amended or changed missions will represent key events throughout the game's history.

Finally, after The Final Shape, Bungie will be changing how they release their seasonal content. Instead of four seasons across a year, three Episodes will be released.

Each Episode will be self-contained, have three distinct acts, and will have more focused, refined content.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape will release on February 27, 2024.


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