Everything Announced at Guerilla Collective 2 Day 2

We're really into the E3 period now, the Guerrilla Collective 2 is continuing today. Be sure to check out our article as it updates for all of the latest news.

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While not quite E3 the mid-year gaming extravaganza that is decentralized E3 is continuing today with all kinds of fantastic events and reveals ahead of us. The first event of the day is Day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective 2. While there was plenty for them to announce at their Day One event on the 5th they're back again with even more games. Be sure to stay around and refresh the article for more information as they reveal more.

Starting things off is a gameplay walkthrough of Aragami 2, a sequel to 2016's Aragami. This game from Lince Works will be coming out on September 17th. This trailer shows off more of the stealth gameplay and combat. We see the protagonist disappearing into the shadows, and appearing to assassinate a number of faceless henchmen. As is common in stealth games, you’ll be able to use buildings and other architecture to navigate around and stay out of sight. There will also be context kills when you’re hiding around corners, through windows, and from above. Shadow abilities will return from the original game, but there are also new abilities added to enhance the gameplay.

The next title shows is a world premier pixel sidescroller called Firegirl where you play the role of a firefighter making your way through buildings, forests, and other disaster scenes.


Following Firegirl is a new game from Stormind Games. After showing a variety of beautiful sci-fi and mysterious locations we see a girl solving puzzles, meeting denizens of the world, and taking on trials. Called Batora Lost Haven, the game will use hack and slash as well as twin-stick shooter elements. Fight small enemies at your size, or face off against giant bosses in trap-filled arenas. It will be coming to PC via Steam as well as all current/last-gen consoles.

A new trailer showing two people embracing, one covered in what seems like rocks, and a transfer of energy between them intrigues us. While not much is shown this game called Grime plans to leave the audience wanting a lot more. As the trailer continues we see a spore-like entity cracking and resonating beneath rock, morphing slowly before all getting pulled into a single space, becoming a new human. This game is by Akupara games and will come out in 2021. You can wishlist it on steam now.

Bullets Per Minute is up next, a fast-paced roguelike first-person shooter where there’s an emphasis on moving to the beat. You’ll need to shoot, reload, and watch for enemy patterns to the beat of the rock opera soundtrack. The purpose of this is to help the player feel involved in the game, with the soundtrack reacting to your actions. Along your journey, you can purchase more weapons and abilities with coins that you earn from completing rooms. BPM is out now on PC but in the summer will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

From Team Nora a trailer for their gorgeous pixel hack and slash Akatori is next. Gameplay shows the protagonist using a variety of physical attacks with her bowstaff, as well as magical powers to create projectiles. Some of the bosses we see her fight include a geisha, and some kind of fire spirit. Akatori is available to wishlist on steam.

A new exclusive announcement from Humble Games publishing is a new bullet-hell dungeon crawler called Archvale. The fast-paced trailer shows single-player and coop action as players explore towns, dungeons, forests, and more avoiding bullets and taking out swarms of enemies.

From Humblegrove a trailer for No Longer Home is up next. This semi-autobiographical story-based game follows the process of growth as you graduate from university and you begin to start figuring out the rest of your life. As you play you’ll encounter branching dialogue that will change how the characters grow. The characters in this game are based on the lead developers and their experiences with graduation, even some characters you encounter are based on those the developers know. This has been a six-year project that the developers have been working on when they met together in their final year of university. No Longer Home will be releasing later this year, and is available to wishlist on Steam, along with a demo available to try.

Going back to the pixel theme a new trailer shows off zombie wolves, giant snakes, and eldritch beasts. Hunt the Night is a top down 2D pixel game where players explore a variety of spooky locations. From aesthetic alone this title is very interesting, if you’re brave enough to make it. Emphasis is placed on the games difficulty and learning enemy patterns to survive. This game will be releasing on PC and consoles.

Hunt the Night

The next trailer from Hypertrain digital shows a woman exploring the world, encountering demons, cleansing forests, and meeting locals. Black Book is a dark rpg that has you fighting evil in card-based battles. Black Book can be wishlisted on Steam, and has a prologue demo available.

Be-Rad Entertainment is up to show off a roguelike deckbuilder game with a match-3 puzzle element in Demon's Mirror. Match the symbols on the board to correspond with cards in your hand and together deal heavy damage. Demon’s Mirror will be available on Steam and you can wishlist it now.

From Perfect World and Cryptic, we get an update on the Bard class that has been revealed MMO Neverwinter. This class can deal magical damage, support its friends, as well as do melee damage as they swing their weapon around. More details will be revealed on the Bard over the next few months.

Lootriver makes an appearance in the Guerrilla Collective after appearing at the Day of the Devs. This deep dive into gameplay puts a controller on screen as we see how movement, aiming, and combos function in the game. The first area you’ll travel to in the game is the sunken village. combos function in the game. The first area you’ll travel to in the game is the sunken village. You’ll control your character with the left stick, and the platform you’re on with the right stick. A key aspect of gameplay that’s highlighted is using the platforms to steer clear of enemies, split groups of enemies up, or give opportunities for you to charge your attacks up and pounce in. Lootriver will be coming to the Xbox family of consoles, and Steam.

Ghostrunner will be getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch with this new trailer. While the game is already out an accolade trailer shows off what the game has going for it, as well as how much people enjoyed the original release. The Ghostrunner physical release will be on June 30th.

The Light of the Darkness shows off a war between angels and demons as you play as a creature that is both. This sidescroller has the protagonist, with both wings of light and darkness, fighting waves of enemies with a multitude of weapons. This game will release in 2022 and can be wishlisted on Steam.

From darkness to a brighter trailer we see a slime fighting against a number of goey creatures in Slime Heroes. In this co-op game you play as a slime who can create their own weapons and abilities. Slime Heroes will be coming to steam

Slime Heroes

Demon Turf makes a showing, this unique 3D platformer announces that it will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This joins the PC, Switch, and Xbox titles that were already announced.  In Demon Turf your role is to take on the Demon King who rules the land. You can combine a variety of moves to tower climb, double jump, spin jump, and use rolling moves to change the way you can get around. This game will be something for technical players who enjoy Mario and A Hat in Time. Demon Turf will release later this year, and you can try it out in Demon Turf Trials on Steam.

Another exclusive announcement that’s part of the Guerrilla Collective 2 puts you in the shoes of Arietta in Arietta of Spirits. As this girl you’ll explore pixelated forests and caverns fighting a variety of strange monsters including shadow beings and mounds of flesh. Arietta of Spirits will be coming to PC and all major platforms.

Arietta of Spirits

Unmetal gets a trailer next, this stealth game is a parody of titles like Metal Gear and Hitman, while also riffing on properties like the A-Team. Some of the comedy shown in the trailer consists of makeshift slingshots, throwing uranium, and more. The demo is available on Steam right now.

Wolfstride gets a trailer next. This game from Raw Fury puts players in the role of fixing up a mech and taking it into battle. You can read our preview of it here for more information.

The next trailer of Severed Steel is a showcase of how players have been taking this fast paced shooter and finding new and ingenious ways to use the game's physics. If you don’t want to take the door you can blow up a wall, or throw your weapon to the side to distract them. Some new features that will be added are enemy outlines and a doublebarrel shotgun, that players of the demo were requesting. Severed Steel is coming to PC later this year, and has a demo available on Steam right now.

The exclusives just keep on running for Guerrilla Collective as another trailer for Sable is shown. This game from Shedworks and Raw Fury follows the protagonist exploring this extremely stylized desert world, that is taking over all the events it seems.

Another sprite bloodfest is up next. In this trailer we see vampires, terrorists, and more making their way through a series of buildings where the goal is to rack up as much blood as possible. The game is called BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terrorist Squad and is coming soon on PC.

Continuing the dark theme the next trailer begins with an Evangelion esc dystopian future with a head crying blood. This RPG puts players in the boots of a wasteland survivor who can shoot or hammer his way through the wastes. Death Trash gives very eldritch horror vibes.

Death Trash

Draw Distance, known for Vampire the Masquerade games Coterries of New York, and Shadows of New York, show off Serial Cleaners, the sequel to Serial Cleaner. A new game in their line of games about cleaning up the scenes where gruesome murders have taken place. A more involved trailer shows how you’ll need to sneak around cleaning the remains of all kinds of horrible events. You can vacuum up blood, dispose of bodies, and more. This game will come in 2021 to PC and consoles.

White Shadows from Headup Games is a cinematic platformer from the European development world. The White City is the setting, a strange vertical city. You play as a raven girl who is fighting against the birds that are ruling this world and uncovering the secret of the pandemic that occurred. This oddball platformer might have you questioning the darkness of the content, while the developers swear it’s actually funny… White Shadows will release in 2021 on Steam.

Raji Enhanced Edition was announced next, with an accolades trailer for the original release. They highlighted the authenticism, the flowing combat, and beautiful environments of the game, while also showing off new gameplay features that will come in Raji Enhanced Edition, along with new modes. Raji Enhanced Edition will release in Q4 2021.

Guerrilla Collective 2 took some time to focus on TinyBuild and showcase some of the games that will be released by them. Despot’s game, a Pikmin-like, game has you controlling minions in this roguelike autobattler where you can command troops around but don’t do the fighting yourself. You can equip your minions with items that you find through the dungeon. There will also be a PvP element in later levels.

If you’ve ever wanted a game where you brew potions and other alchemic cures then the next trailer is for you. You collect ingredients, create potions, and haggle with customers to get better deals. Potion Craft has a demo on the Steam store now.

Rawmen is an upcoming food-fighting arena game. This competitive multiplayer title shows off a number of their new modes. There’s a meatball mode where you can jump into a katamari like meatball and get it into goals, avoid enemies, and score points. There’s also a Bobaball mode that looks like Rocket League if you shot a boba gun instead of drove a car. They showed off their 'meat chassis' system of allowing players to highly customize characters - called "soup saviors". If you join their Discord you can participate in playtests.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is a PS1-inspired management game where you run a fast-food restaurant. Grill burgers, warm cookies, and feed your customers. Treat your customers well otherwise you’ll have to deal with horrific cows, demonic creators, and more to scare you. The trailer promises that it’s only a management sim… I’m not sure I believe it though.

Hello Neighbour 2

Hello Neighbor 2 is the next game to get a trailer. Mr Peterson is back to stop his nosy neighbor from finding out his secret. The number of people missing in the town has led you, a journalist, to investigate further. There are rumors of missing kids but no one has enough proof. The AI of Mr Peterson will constantly be growing through AI input and working with the community. The Mr Peterson you face against at launch is very different from the one that you’ll face off against later. There are other characters in Ravenbrook that you’ll be able to interact with, who will have their own complex AI cores that will evolve over time. You can wishlist Hello Neighbor 2 on Steam, as well as try out Alphas via their website.

Trash Sailors shows off a next trailer showing off Raft-like gameplay as characters pick up junk from a water flooded world crafting weapons and collecting resources. You and other players can work to protect your raft and survive for as long as you can. Players will constantly be having to maintain multiple resources to know when to fix, when to build, and when to upgrade to ensure their survival. Trash Sailors will come soon to PC and last-gen consoles, although you can also play a demo on Steam right now.

InnerSloth took to the stage to speak with Justin about Among Us, and the development process they use. They revealed how they came up with the name of their studio, and that it was from repeatedly clicking on a random name generator until something sounded right. They also briefly touched on the challenges of growing from a 3 person team to an 8 person team.

Next up is a fun animal casino-themed game. Spend money to create your casino from the ground up, get new tables, hire staff, deal with clients. You get to play every part of running a casino. Blooming Business Casino, a demo will be available next week as part of the Steam Next fest.

A Fast-paced futuristic arcade sports action is next, where the players are all robots. In Robodunk, you play as a team of robots and compete in branching paths of events. The game will be 1-4 player and pit you against a variety of challenges. Along the way you can unlock new robot types with different abilities and upgrade them. There is also a rogue-lite campaign in the game.

King of the Hat, a competitive hat fighting game, where players try to keep the crown on for as long as possible will be coming to Steam they announced in a very loud, and brash trailer. You can wishlist the game now on Steam.

Moving away from that loud trailer and onto something more serene is a game where you get to explore Venice in the future. You can hoverboard around, watch how climate change has affected the city, and make memories with the different city folk. Appropriately called Venice 2089, it has you trying to save... well Venice in 2089. The game will hit Kickstarter on June 20th.

Another game from Day of the Dev makes an appearance here with Behind the Frame, a Ghibli-inspired puzzle game where you play the role of an aspiring painter in her apartment. You can also wishlist this on Steam and it will be coming

Kitsune Tails is a retro 2D platformer where you get to play as a variety of foxes. You play as a fox trying to save your girlfriend, you can achieve this goal by mastering a variety of costumes and abilities. Kitsune Tails will hit Kickstarter in 2021 and coming to all consoles and PC.

Whitewater Wipeout is a new game coming to the Playdate that has players score some tubular combos as they’re riding waves, as was announced earlier in the week.

Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive showed off their new game Arcade Paradise. What starts as having the players run a laundromat quickly shifts into the players creating the world’s most amazing arcade. You’ll be tasked with playing the different arcade games, setting high scores, and then challenging customers to beat them. With the profit you earn you can get more cabinets and bring more customers in. A lot of the games shown are inspired by classics. Arcade Paradise will be available on PC and all current and last-gen consoles. You can wishlist this on Steam right now, and it will release later in 2021.

Douglas Bogart from Limited Run games takes time to speak with Justin to talk about what Limited Run Games does, and how they’ve reached their 5th anniversary. Some of the key points brought up in the interview is the origins of the company, some highlights like publishing Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and how they’ve now achieved 700 physical releases. They also reminded everyone that they are doing yet another E3 type event on June 14th, called LRG3.

And with that the Guerrilla Collective 2 Day 2 is over. You can check out the Guerrilla Collective website as well as their Steam Event page to catch more info on all of the games that they talked about on today's stream

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