ESA And ReedPop End E3 Partnership, No Show At LA Convention Center Next Year

Published: September 7, 2023 10:32 AM /


The E3 logo against a digital backdrop

ReedPop and the ESA have ended their E3 partnership, meaning that the PAX organizer won't handle any future E3 events.

This news comes via, where reporter Christopher Dring confirms that the two companies have parted ways for any potential future E3 shows.

In addition, the ESA has apparently informed the Los Angeles Convention Center, which has traditionally played host to E3 in the past, that its services won't be required for a 2024 show.

As points out, that doesn't mean there won't be an E3 next year, but it does mean that it won't be held at the LA Convention Center, which would be a significant break with tradition.

According to, a "complete reinvention" of E3 is also on the cards for 2025.

The fact that 2024 isn't mentioned could lend further credence to the idea that E3 will skip 2024, although the ESA hasn't officially announced any plans regarding next year's event yet.

The E3 2019 convention, which wasn't held by ReedPop but which was the last in-person E3 event to date
E3 2023 was set to be the first in-person E3 since 2019, but twas not to be.

E3 2023 was announced in June 2022, and in July the same year, it was revealed that PAX and NY Comic-Con organizer ReedPop would be responsible for the event.

However, a number of major exhibitors subsequently dropped out of the event, including Ubisoft and Devolver Digital. Following this, in late March, E3 2023 was officially canceled.

According to, ESA president Stanley Pierre-Louis says he "appreciate[s] ReedPop's partnership over the past 14 months" and that the ESA itself is "committed" to its role as a "convenor for the industry" through E3.

For his part, ReedPop event boss Kyle Marsden-Kish says his company has "enjoyed [its] time working with the ESA" and "look[s] forward to seeing [E3's] evolution" in the future.

The ESA also says we can look forward to more news regarding E3's future in the coming months, so hopefully, we'll find out whether or not a 2024 show is on the cards soon.

Although E3 won't be returning to the LA Convention Center next year, one event you can look forward to in LA is Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest.

The presenter confirmed that his event will make a return to Los Angeles next year in a tweet sent earlier today. Like the ESA, he also says more info on his event will be available in the coming months.


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