Top 10 Weird PS2 Games You've Forgotten About

Published: August 4, 2023 9:36 AM /


Neopets the Darkest Faerie Key Art, text reads TOP 10 WEIRD PS2 GAMES YOU FORGOT ABOUT

The PlayStation 2 is the best selling video game console of all time (as much as the Nintendo Switch is giving it a run for its money) and of course the library is made up of thousands of games. Naturally, you either missed few or forgot about a good number of titles you saw on the shelf of your local Blockbuster.

From movie tie-in games, to trend chasing genre titles, and long dead franchises, the PS2 has a host of weird games on it that don't get the praise of titles like God of War II, or get the remaster treatment given to classics like Kingdom Hearts or Shadow of the Colossus.


So when do these games get their due? Who is going to give the Scaler-s of the world their flowers? Well today for this week's TechRaptor Top 10 we're running through 10 of the weirdest PS2 games you forgot existed.

Whether it was a memory you blocked out or a franchise that lived and died on the worlds most popular gaming console, this lineup of PS2 games are sure to activate the feelings of nostalgia or activate flashbacks to the long lost days of your childhood. Remember that weird game your best friend had that nobody else did? No? Exactly.

There are plenty of quirky games released every day in 2023, but today it's much easier to release a game thanks to digital storefronts. What makes these forgotten PS2 games so extra special in their weirdness is that each and every one of these got a physical release.

For as many PS2 games that we cover today, there are at least double the amount that you probably would say are weird and forgotten, so be sure to let us know your picks and what you think of ours!


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