Episodic Horror Game Albino Lullaby Coming September

Published: August 17, 2015 8:27 PM /


albino lullaby screenshot preview cover

Horror fans are always on the search for a truly terrifying, atmospheric experience. Development company Ape Law says their debut title Albino Lullaby may be that experience. Albino Lullaby appeared last year as a Kickstarter, getting the funding it needed to become a reality. The developers announced that it would be released September 15, almost a year exactly from when it was fully funded. The Creative Director, Justin Pappas, says that Albino Lullaby doesn't rely on gore or jumpscares to build an atmosphere of fear. In the official press release he compared the experience to the horror greats of film, saying, "The great masters of suspense like Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch show us that no nightmare is scarier than the one at play in your own mind."

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Albino Lullaby is advertised as a psychological horror experience unlike any other, allowing players to choose their own play style and pace, and featuring an environment that constantly transforms. Preview images depict a dark, Victorian era, and a wide variety of different settings. Ape Law, the studio behind Albino Lullaby, is led by industry veterans. Albino Lullaby is the company's first full length title.

Albino Lullaby is being released episodically, with three episodes currently advertised for Season 1. The first episode will be released on PC and consoles on September 15. The creators also announced they had built the game for virtual reality consoles, including the Oculus Rift. Currently, players hoping to try out the game can get early access through an Early Bird Special, along with the soundtrack and access to the demo. Alternatively, players can purchase the Season 1 pass and have access to all of the episodes as they are released.



Quick Take

Good horror games can be hard to find, and often ones that advertise as "jumpscare free" can fall on its face in other areas. This title seems interesting though and its art style particularly seems intriguing. The music featured on the site is wonderful and the few preview images give off a disturbing air. The episodic release is curious though, but it may allow players to test it out before they decide to dedicate too much of their time and money to the series. Most importantly though, it's refreshing to see another Kickstarter project reach their full potential and see a steady release date. 



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