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Detroit Become Human Markus

David Cage, the Director of Quantic Dream, discusses Markus, the final playable character in his studio's upcoming neo-noir thriller Detroit: Become Human in an official PlayStation Blog.

Cage has previously showcased the other two protagonists, the detective android Connor back at E3 2016, and Kara, back when Detroit: Become Human was first revealed two years ago at Paris Games Week.

Markus, played by actor Jesse Williams, is a "deviant," an android that escaped his master and joined with a group of like-minded androids living underground in the city of Detroit. Markus believes he, and all other androids, are alive and not just defective machines, which Cage describes is one of the central themes of the game, as these "deviants" question their role in a society that seems them as only tools and machines.

The scene shown at the PlayStation E3 Press Conference is one example of Markus taking matters into his own hands, to show the city of Detroit that androids are alive by sending them a strong message about their desire for independence. Part of the underlying tension of the scene comes from the modular nature of the plot of Detroit: Become Human. The message can be one of pacifism or violence, and part of Markus' story will be navigating the dilemmas of leadership; how much power will Markus wield, and will it destroy him?

Gage talks about how each scene in Detroit: Become Human will have choices that will have important choices to make. "In each scene, every decision will have profound consequences – including whether each character lives or dies – but also a significant impact on the fuller story and the wider world." he states. "Your attitude will shape media and public opinion, which will react in real time to your actions, altering the fate of your character."

All three characters in the game will be going through a similar journey as Markus, only through different perspectives. According to Gage, "You will follow them as they struggle for freedom, you will join them in the fight to survive as the world collapses around them, and you will guide them through heart-wrenching dilemmas that put their lives – and the lives of those they care about – on the line."

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