Detroit: Become Human Reaches 8 Million Units Sold

Published: January 18, 2023 5:34 PM /


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The developers at Quantic Dream have announced that their adventure title Detroit: Become Human has reached 8 million copies sold since their initial release in May 2018. 

Detroit: Become Human was first released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018, and did fairly well in terms of players as well as positive reviews. With quick-time events and vast amounts of cinematics, the game almost plays out like a movie before your eyes, but it is up to you how that movie concludes. It shipped around 6 million copies by July of 2021, meaning that over the last year, another 2 million copies were sold; that is not an easy feat and shows that the game enjoyed some longevity on the market. 

Soon after the launch of Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Games was acquired by NetEase, where they began developing another title, Star Wars Eclipse, which will be available on PlayStation 5. There is no set release date on the Star Wars action-adventure game as of yet, and we haven't seen much just yet. 

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Detroit: Become Human features three playable androids known as Kara, Connor, and Markus, and it is up to you to decide their fate. As the title says, these droids no longer wish to be slaves to the human race, and as they gain more sentience they become restless. Using your wit and problem-solving skills, you will need to make each decision very carefully, as it not only affects the main characters but the entire city of Detroit. There are several different paths for players to follow, meaning there are several endings to reach. This feature plays a huge role in the game's longevity, due to players being able to restart and play an entirely new experience over and over again. 


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