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Anno 2205

Ubisoft showcased a cinematic trailer for Anno 2205 featuring a thriving moon metropolis. This is the newest entry in the Anno city builder series. The game will allow for the player to trade between their moon utopia and the Earth. The best comparison for this title is SimCity meets Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth. However, space travel must explicitly be earned through proper utilization of resources, planning strategy and just a bit of luck associated with the city building genre. A Ubisoft press release stated that the game will be available in a standard edition and a gold edition with additional content. Ubisoft guarantees closed beta access to those who pre-order. Anno 2205 will launch on Microsoft Windows November 3rd, 2015.

Anno 2205 is the largest game in Ubisoft's Anno series to date, with the biggest island in Anno 2205 being a whopping 5 times larger than the largest island in Anno 2070. In addition to that, you of course have the moon which is the only spot with Helium-3, a new isotope found only on the moon in large quantities that is used for the newest technologies. If you want to keep advancing gigantic cities you'll need to race there and get some of it yourself to harvest.

Anno 2205 will feature multi-session gameplay - which means basically you can connect in and out of your friends games for things like trade routes. In fact, this is brand new, so we're going to quote the Ubisoft Question and Answer document on it

Question: What does Multi-session gameplay mean? How does it work? Answer: When the game starts it feels like your typical Anno game, where the player has multiple islands to choose from and the goal is to build up their city and infrastructure. As the game evolves, there will be additional sessions for players to choose from. All sessions are connected and run in parallel so players are free to switch between any sessions as soon as they load the game. Trade routes weave a net around them to create one powerful corporation. We’ve really streamlined it through testing and are working closely together with the Ubisoft gamelab teams to implement player’s feedback. The overall complexity of Anno remains the same, but we have developed something much more flexible and scalable because it is distributed over multiple sessions. Beginners and newcomers to the brand will benefit from that.


The game will evolve significantly once you are able to arrive on the moon, as the appearance will change to reflect the new locale but so will the gameplay. The moon is a hostile area, and has numerous challenges such as radiation and meteor showers to deal with. When astronauts arrive they must struggle to settle the territory and set up their settlement. Costs are high on the moon so methods other than sending more people must be developed, as must ways for your mines to survive the dangerous environment without breaking due to the hazards.

Military systems are coming to Anno 2205 though how that will work is unknown in practice at this time as details are still to come.

Anno 2205 will have a standard edition as well as a Gold and Collector's Editions which will add additional, unannounced content.


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