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One of the more intriguing things heading into this years E3 was Vampyr the upcoming RPG by Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive. Not much was known about the game, but Dontnod has build a solid reputation with Remember Me, and what has been released so far of Life is Strange.

While we don't know a ton any more, we do know more now about the vampire role-playing game that they are creating. Set in 20th century Britain, you play as Johnathan E. Reid a battlefield surgeon who is recently returned from the front lines, where upon he is transformed into a vampire. Set in the dark and sick streets of London, Johnathan has the potential to be a player in the disaster that the Spanish Flu, among other issues have made of the area.

On those dark streets, you will meet a multitude of people - each of them with their own goals, their own personalities, and many of them have jobs for you to do. As you interact with them though, one thing continues to hang over - who will you feed on. As a vampire in Vampyr you have to choose who you feed on and decide upon how you will do so in a discreet way. Whoever you feed on will die, and that will remove the tasks they had, as well as send shockwaves out throughout the world. Perhaps you feed by finding a pattern where someone is alone each day exploiting their habits, or perhaps their relationships with others by seducing them. Perhaps you might even set up a convoluted chain of feedings where you remove one person, making another vulnerable to seduction, which makes someone jealous and then you do a task for them that you'd heard about that might unbalance someone else, making them work late and vulnerable to being fed upon at their office late at night....

As you feed, you unlock new vampiric powers for use - which like your health draw from your blood pool. This helps combine to form the basis of the resource management of blood in Vampyr because the more abilities you use the less health you have. Of course, failing to use those abilities may leave you at a disadvantage in other ways, and the only way to get more blood is to feed - whether figuring out how to do it in combat or the careful exploration or seductions in other parts.

Enemies in Vampyr can come in a variety - there are different types of vampires that you can fight, as well as other supernatural creatures. However, there are others who fight back, vampire hunters who dare the night to hunt the vampires and creatures of the night with weapons, tools, and traps.

Of course, they aren't the only ones who can rely on that. Vampyr, like all RPGs of late, will feature a crafting system. Find materials among the people you've killed and loot them, as well as exploration to build a variety of tools, melee weapons, and ranged weapons to use - as well as special ammunition and coatings to exploit weaknesses in certain foes.

If Vampyr sounds interesting to you, we're sadly in for a wait till its 2017 release, using Unreal Engine 4. The artistic style shown in the short teaser is quite interesting and distinctive - I suggest you take a look.

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