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esports festival hong kong 2017

E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2017 is a large celebration of all things esports, as it has quite a large presence throughout the entirety of China. Street Fighter V was the only fighting game present there this year, but as a premiere event in the Capcom Pro Tour, it was a tournament that many top Asian players were keen on competing in.

Streaming was held by the official CapcomFighters channel on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. However, due to ESFHK not using Smash.gg to organize brackets, we will not be able to provide links to them.

Street Fighter V

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. CyG BST | Daigo [Guile]
  • 2. Gachikun [Rashid]
  • 3. GGP | Kazunoko [Cammy]
  • 4. GRPT | Haitani [Necalli]
  • 5. NASR | Big Bird [Ken]
  • 5. Talon | Xiaobao [Vega, Necalli]
  • 7. GRPT | Fuudo [R. Mika]
  • 7. NL [Cammy]
  • 9. Zowie | GamerBee [Necalli]
  • 9. GFuel | Verloren [Cammy]
  • 9. YouDeal | Yukadon [Ibuki]
  • 9. Hotdog29 [M. Bison]
  • 13. CO | Dogura
  • 13. Poongko [Kolin]
  • 13. CO | GO1 [Chun-li, Ibuki]
  • 13. Tse4444 [Chun-li, Balrog]
Daigo takes this third first place finish in a CPT event within a month, this time taking 400 CPT points with him. This launches him up by a whopping 13 places on CPT leaderboards, settling him down at ninth place with a total of 965, essentially guaranteeing him a spot at Capcom Cup. Gachikun's second place finish at the event grants him 250 CPT points, skyrocketing him up by 25 places on the leaderboards, landing him at 34th. However, he's still shy of being in the qualification range of top 30, as his lack of sponsorship prevents him from frequent travel, especially overseas. While he's participated in several invitationals, he's only competed in four CPT events.

Kazunoko and Haitani are granted 200 and 160 points, respectively, but due to them being in the top 10, it didn't help their already secure standings much. Big Bird and Xiaobao's fifth place finish grants each of them 130 points and helps them stay away from being on the low, unsafe end of the top 30. Fuudo, much like Kazunoko and Haitani, was already within top 10, so his seventh place finish neither hurts nor helps him. Finally, NL is granted 100 points, but is still quite a distance from breaking into qualification range. GamerBee, Verloren, Yukadon, Dogura, and GO1 are all still in top 30, as well.

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