DOOM's Multiplayer Details Summoned From Beyond

Published: March 21, 2016 3:12 PM /


DOOM closed beta gets release date

The fourth proper DOOM title is only a few short months away, which means that Bethesda is ready to start spilling specific details regarding the game's various modes. Players know that their single player escapades will involve demon slaying and shotgun firing, but what of the game's multiplayer? Here is a video detailing the modes you can choose from to fight your fellow Space Marines starting on May 13th.

You'll find as you look at the details Bethesda shared that the modes are pretty standard FPS fare. You have your basic Team Deathmatch, Soul Harvest (a variant of Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty), Domination (Think Strongholds from Halo 5 instead of the classic CoD mode), and Clan Arena (Team Deathmatch with no respawns or weapon pickups).

There are two more unique offerings though. The previously announced Warpath is King of the Hill, but the Hill creeps along the map, leading to players chasing after the objective or setting up ambushes along the marked path. Freeze Tag (which reminds me a bit of the Unreal Tournament Jailbreak mod) , where you freeze your foes in place instead of gunning them down. Their teammates will have to stand nearby to thaw them out, but you can shoot the frozen opponents to move them around or possible knock them into a death pit. Considering that DOOM 3 was lacking in the innovation when it came to modes, it is good to see a variety of play styles available right out of the gate.

Earlier in the week, Bethesda also shared some details concerning the nine arenas that will launch with the game, all featuring appropriately cheesy titles like Infernal and Sacrilegious. There is a mixture of UAC military complexes and more fantastic hellscapes to choose from, all featuring 90s shooter features like explosive barrels, teleporters and bounce pads.

Are you ready to leap into hell and freeze your friends in DOOM? With all the other modes they've included, why no Capture the Flag? Or should that be Capture the Imp? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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