Destruction AllStars Physical Release Arrives April 2021

Published: March 30, 2021 5:08 PM /


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If you're a fan of demolition derbies and colorful characters, you'll be happy to hear that a Destruction AllStars physical release is still very much on the way. What's more, you'll be able to buy it next week.

Destruction AllStars is a demolition derby game that was announced during Sony's "The Future of Gaming" event last summer. It hit some problems during production, though; it was delayed to 2021 and Sony consequently refunded all pre-orders of the game.

Now, a new interview on the PlayStation Blog (via GameSpot) has been released that details some of the cool tech behind the game. Each car has more than 200 individual pieces that can interact with the world. Thankfully, the more powerful PlayStation 5 can easily handle the complexities of the game's models (and all of the other cool tech), so it runs pretty darn smoothly.

It's certainly an interesting interview, but there's one key piece of info buried at the bottom: the Destruction AllStars physical release is still coming despite its delay last year.

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When is the Destruction AllStars Physical Release Date?

The Destruction AllStars physical release date is April 6, 2021 — that's the day after it stops being available as a PlayStation Plus monthly game. It will be made available at select retailers and in select countries, so some fans are going to be stuck with buying a digital version, it seems. Either way, you'll be able to buy it for a cool twenty bucks at the cheapest.

It's not quite clear which retailers are going to carry copies of the game. You may be able to buy the physical version of Destruction AllStars on Amazon starting on April 6; if not, you'll probably have to check out your local retailers. For now, you have less than a week to get it for no extra cost as one of the free PlayStation Plus games by signing up for a PlayStation Plus membership in 12-month3-month, and 1-month increments.

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What do you think of Destruction AllStars? Has the game lived up to the hyperactive trailers in your experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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