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Lucid Games
PlayStation 5
Release Date
February 2, 2021 (Calendar)
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Get ready for old school action with Destruction AllStars, a brand new vehicular combat game from developer Lucid Games and publisher Sony.

Similar to the Wipeout series, Destruction AllStars has you race around a giant arena in your chosen vehicle, dodging attacks and taking damage against your opponents as you try to put their car out of commission! Playa s one of 16 different characters in 28 suped up vehicles, and duke it out on camera. Use your own signature vehicle, or grab one in the arena itself as you move on foot to get back into the action and cause some more mayhem against your opponents!  

Play through the games single-player series or duke it out online with 16 players. Tons of multiplayer action to go around. Try out limited-time games with specialized rulesets, or newly uploaded special events!

Destruction AllStars is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and is now available for purchase. 


Developer Quote


Heroes… icons… global sensations - Sixteen fearless, charismatic Destruction AllStars make up the roster of international competitors vying for the Global Destruction Federation Championship.
Utilize each AllStar’s abilities to tailor your tactics and play style – exploit their agility, speed or strength to wreck and evade rivals with powerful skills and parkour, switch between vehicles or leap onto speeding cars in heart-stopping takeover attempts.
The finest engineers have carefully crafted 28 vehicles for the Global Destruction Federation.
A number of basic vehicles will be scattered throughout each arena at the start of every match.
But each AllStar also has a personal signature set of wheels that can turn the tide of any battle.
Cause enough mayhem to power up your hero vehicle – each one is fueled with special abilities to get fans off their seats.
Compete in a storied single-player series, specifically tailored to a number of playable Destruction AllStars. Master over 50 events1 to prove yourself a Destruction legend. Unlock new skins, emotes and banners as you take on AI rivals in momentous challenges spread across the five global arenas.
Accelerate the drama and enter 16-player online matches with your friends. Jump into a Casual quick play session and experience new limited-time rule twists in Special Events.