Dead Star Adding More Ships, Pilot Pictures, Ratchet and Clank

Published: April 29, 2016 8:30 AM /


Dead Star Header

Dead Star released a little less than a month ago, but its already getting its first major content update. Already available on both the PlayStation 4 and Steam, the Kurg Ship Expansion adds three new ships to the game, while the Ordo Robots Skin Pack adds in new pilots and ship paints.

The Kurg Ship Expansion is the biggest addition, adding in three new ships to Dead Star based around a new Kurg race. The Stinger is a small fast ship with a short-ranged laser that causes burn damage over time and can drop drones to attack enemies for them. The mid-class Engineer ship can drop drones that repair friendly ships and act as spawn points, and create construction drones that will build AI ships to join the battle. Finally the heavy Juggernaut has a long ranged energy cannon to destroy enemies, and can also create gravitational fields to slow enemies down. The Kurg Ship Expansion will also come with four pilot portraits based on the Kurg. This pack costs $4.99, but as a surprise Armature Studios announced that anyone who pre-ordered the game will be getting this for free. If you want to try out the ships before you buy the pack, you can give them a shot in the free play mode where they'll be available for anyone.

Dead Star Ship Pack

The second pack is the Ordo Robots Skin Pack, which will cost $1.99. This pack comes with two more pilot portraits, this time of a fifth Ordo race that appears to be robots of some sort. The pack will also have four ship paints so you can make your ship stand out a little better on the battlefield.

As an added bonus, Ratchet and Clank character portraits will be added to the game as well and can be earned by playing a pair of special events. The first event happens Friday April 29th, which is today, and anyone who plays Dead Star will be getting a Ratchet pilot portrait. The following Friday, May 6th, will see all players awarded with a Clank pilot portrait.

Dead Star is currently available on Steam for $19.99 or on the PlayStation 4 for free for PS+ subscribers until May 3rd, and for $19.99 after that. You can read our mostly positive review about it here.


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