DCS World F-15E Strike Eagle Released, & it Looks Fantastic

Published: June 22, 2023 9:38 PM /


DCS World F15E Strike Eagle

Today Razbam and Eagle Dynamics released the early access version of the newest module for the flight simulator DCS World, the F-15 Strike Eagle.

The module is currently priced at $63.99 and can be purchased at the simulator's official store. This is a promotional price and it will grow to $79.99 once early access is complete. 

To celebrate the release, we also get a trailer showing the aircraft in all its beauty.

This is an extremely complex study-level simulation, so you should go into it knowing that there's going to be a lot of study to do before you can master the aircraft's complex systems. 

Here's what you get in the package. 

Key Features include:

  • Advanced Flight Model that provides realistic performance and flight characteristics for the F-15E with P&W F100-PW-229 engines.
  • Highly detailed external 3D model and textures for the most accurate F-15E currently available in any simulation software.
  • Highly detailed and accurate 6 DOF cockpit based on 3D scanned objects with high-resolution textures, specular and bump mapping, and mouse-interactive controls.
  • Detailed and thorough simulation of the F-15E’s AN/APG-70 Radar.
  • Includes a free copy of Be Afraid of the Dark by Steve Davies about the inception, development, and operational history of the F-15E up to 2002.

Training material includes:

  • A set of interactive training missions covering all the most important instruments, weapons and aspects of using the aircraft.
  • Full manual for the aircraft.
  • A set of single missions for Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Multicrew.

During Early Access:

  • Additional interactive training missions covering the most important aircraft systems.
  • Additional chapters for the DCS: F-15E flight manual
  • A free story-driven campaign built by Baltic Dragon
  • More Instant Action missions, Single Missions, and network missions.

DCS World is currently available only for PC and the base simulator can be downloaded for free either via the developer's own site or Steam. If you'd like to see more, you can also enjoy the trailer teasing what Eagle Dynamics has in store for 2023 and beyond on top of the recent multi-threading implementation. Speaking of third-party developers, Heatblur is also coming close to the early access release of the F-4 Phantom

If you prefer more peaceful flying, you can check out our daily Microsoft Flight Simulator coverage. We're hosting daily articles recapping all the news about the many add-ons coming to the simulator. 



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