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Project CPK Square Enix

The first day of Square Enix's extremely long game reveal is over and with it we're going to help give you all a recap on what has happened so far. On Twitter Square Enix announced that their western studios were planning to do a three day interactive event called Project Cant Kill Progress or #CantKillProgress to reveal a new game. That event began today via Twitch and we at TechRaptor have been doing what we can to document the events of this strange stream and point out some interesting things as we find them.

Day One:

Minutes before the scheduled reveal was set to begin, the twitch stream showed an ominous video of a person in a poorly lit room with a bag over their head. Eventually a Russian interrogator questioned the man in the chair as to whether he prefers classical or folk music. This question of classical vs folk was put to a vote by the audience of the stream to enter their vote in the chat, but its unclear at this time what effect this vote had on anything. The viewers picked classical music and the man began lying on the ground in his cell. Next vote would be 5 hours later.

4:30 till first vote: A looping scene began where the man is up and walking around, he tries to touch the wall and hold his hand there but gets electrocuted in the process. He also attempts to start to talk to the audience but the white noise continues. After this scene loops a couple of times a man in uniform comes into the room and attacks the man leaving him on the ground and leaves again. As of 4:15 the man has resumed lying on the ground. 

3:45 till first vote: A looping scene has begun again as the man talks to a camera and then walks into all of the corners of the room seemingly searching for something, he pauses at one wall and puts his ear to it listening to try to hear anything from beyond his cell. The clip is looping every 1-2 minutes.

3:35 till first vote: The man huddles up in the corner and stops doing anything.

3:30 till first vote: the man has rolled over closer to the center of the room and writhed around on the ground for a while before ending up on the ground again near where he started at 4:30 till first vote.

3:15 till first vote: The man has begun to stand up and walk around and talk into the cameras, after moving for a bit he shuffled into the corner and lay down facing the wall. There was no loop for this clip.

Point of interest: The instagram account that a short video was posted on ( the name of the account zw1icmfjzq when translated from base 64 becomes the word “Embrace”.

Due to it being so apparent that the time was being looped and that I had already viewed all of the events I decided to move away from the stream and return closer to the first vote.

1:06 till first vote: During one of the looped scenes you can see the wall that camera 1 is behind. A projector shows blurry images, the first of which I can not figure out and the second image is what seems to be a young adult male wearing a hoodie whose face has been blurred out. Not sure who this boy is but shortly after the image shows up the man in the room goes over and lies down in the corner with his face to the wall.

1:02 till first vote: Classical music begins to play and the man in the room starts to scream and writhe in pain once again. He is now lying motionless on the floor again.

0:05 till first vote: Managed to capture screenshots of the two images being projected.

Here is the first image, not really sure what it is of though

First projected image

Here is the image of the blurred face that I spoke about previously.

Blurred Face

My first thought to this image is that the blurred out character will be some kind of protagonist, or at least a main character, in the game that this event will be revealing.

First Vote:

Two men wheel a chair into the room and as one leaves the other brings the man to the chair. A third man asks “Thomash” whether that’s his name and when he doesn't answer he gets hit. The man wants to hurt Thomas and Thomas says that he will help the men. The interrogator reveals that his name is Franz. A vote is posed for Thomas to stand his ground or to plead for his life. Ivan compares Thomas to cockroaches as “his people” persist. The choice is decided as “Stand Ground” as Thomas gets angry at Ivan as the man standing by begins to choke Thomas who reveals that there is a safe house in the city and he has the address 46 Sovislavska (I have probably butchered the spelling of that). He asks if where he is being held is “The Precinct” and then they leave the room. Thomas then threatens to piss in the room. Two guards reenter the room and put a device on Thomas’ wrists as they take him out, maybe to go to the bathroom, maybe for something else?

The timer reappears and now shows 18:45 hours to go.

18:40 till second vote: The two guards bring Thomas back into the room and take off the handcuffs, he then returns to sitting down in the corner.

18:25 till second vote: Thomas removed his shoe and walked over to camera 7 (wall camera on the right wall) and put his shoe over it. Ivan then instructs Thomas to take the shoe off the camera, two guards then come into the cell and threaten Thomas, put handcuffs on him again and then lead him out.

18:20 till second vote: Thomas is taken back into the room

18:15 till second vote: Thomas is now meditating in the center of the room or pacing to and fro in the room

17:31 till second vote: The screen went black and was replaced with a monitor looking like it was attempting to complete a process/search for something. Claw marks have appeared on the floor seen most visibly while camera 3 is being viewed. I'm not sure how long the claw marks have been there for, I thought I was paying attention but something like this slipped by at some point.

Odd Screen

Claw marks

17:25 till next vote: More classical music plays and just like before when the man heard the music he began to writhe in pain and then ended up seizing on the floor before moving to a camera and start to plead for help. After that he then moved back to the corner of the room, it seems to be his favorite place to spend time.

That wraps up the first day of utter confusion as fans aren't sure what to think of this and various theories are appearing left right and center, many believe that this may be a Hitman, Deus Ex, or any kind of other game but hopefully there will be more to see in the upcoming days, be sure to pay attention to TechRaptor so you can hear about what happens. Day 1 teases a lot, perhaps even more than we have noticed at the moment. It shows how drawn out of a process that this three day event will be. If we were able to lose focus on the stream for two hours, come back, and there still be loops that we have seen before it begs the question "Why couldn't this be done over one single day?"

A special thanks to Max Michael for helping keep an eye on the stream!

If you have your own theories the feel free to head over to our forum and let us know what game you think this may be or if you think anything from the stream so far has been misinterpreted.


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