BlooM Combines Blood and Doom in One Action Pumped Mod

BlooM is a brand-new mod for Doom II that combines the well-known first-person shooter game with its cult classic sibling Blood.

Published: November 1, 2021 11:15 AM /


Promotional art for BlooM

Halloween has come and gone, but fans of classic first-person shooters have gotten themselves a nice surprise. A new mod by the name of BlooM gives players an episode's worth of content from the DOOM and Blood games.

DOOM needs little introduction, being one of the classic first-person shooters. As for Monolith Productions' Blood, it takes place in the Roaring 20s and has players take control of Caleb, a cult leader who is forsaken and killed by the god we worshiped. Returning from the dead, he goes on a bloody mission of revenge against the cult and his god for killing him and his true love Ophelia. BlooM brings together DOOM II and Blood into a single crossover game where both universes collide in an area known as The Void, where levels and enemies from both games mix together. It's certainly not the first time Doomguy has been modded into another game.

The Mod DB page for BlooM boasts that the mod features over 30 enemies from both of the original games, along with a slew of new hybrid monsters that combine a bit of each game into a single foe. To fight against these new and old threats, players will get their hands on a bunch of new weapons, along with the ability to dual wield weapons for more firepower. BlooM also brings back some old maps and gives them some graphical updates such as 3D models and improved lighting effects. It might not be as humorously bizarre as the mod that pits Doomguy against the Iron Lady herself, but it's still sure to be a bloody good time.

BlooM can be downloaded on its Mod DB page.

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