The title for the Legend of Doom, a Doom II mod.

Doom II Mod Brings Doomguy to Hyrule

Published: October 5, 2021 1:59 PM



Resident Evil Village isn't the only game that's getting demakes that take place in Nintendo's classic games. The Legend of Doom is a Doom II mod that brings Doomguy to a 3D recreation of the classic Legend of Zelda.

Released on October 2nd on Mod DB and created by DeTwelve, The Legend of Doom is a total conversion mod that lets Doomguy don Link's stylish cap and explopre a faithful recreation of the very first Hyrule, complete with all its secrets and all 9 dungeons. Doomguy has the ability to collect and use all of the items and weapons Link used in his first adventure, such as various swords, a bow, a boomerang, and a candle to attack foes with powerful flames. Speaking of foes, all of the classic foes and bosses you know and love make an appearance. Moblins, wallmasters, and even those weird Pol's Voice rabbits who were meant to be slain with the Famicom controller's microphone all stand between Doomguy and Zelda.


A gameplay screenshot from the Doom II mod Legend of Doom.

Mods for Doom and Doom II are very common and continue to be popular to this day. It's easy for even beginner modders to create their own stages for the games and share them with their friends, even before the advent of major modding sites. With a bit more skill, you can even make things such as a recreation of Jerry's apartment from Seinfeld. Doom's ease of modding also makes it very easy to port to other platforms, including bizarre platforms not normally meant for video games.


Doom II can be found on various storefronts and platforms. As for The Legend of Doom, the Doom II mod can be found here on Mod DB. If you're looking for other good Doom mods, Thatcher's Techbase lets players go head-to-head with the Iron Lady herself for a rather different experience.

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