Big Huge Games bought by Nexon

Published: March 10, 2016 7:54 PM /



Nexon has announced that they will be buying DomiNations creator Big Huge Games. The Korean subsidiary of the group, Nexon Korea Corporation, will be buying all the outstanding shares of the U.S. mobile game development company. Nexon was involved in funding the developers game DomiNations and now is lending Big Huge even more support by buying up the company's shares.

Big Huge Games
Big Huge Games

Big Huge Games got it’s start in 2000 making strategy games for 12 years. Unfortunately the developer's parent company 38 Studios had some issues and ended up closing, forcing Big Huge Games to become owned by the state of Rhode Island before its closure in 2012. The team of strategy game makers split-up and went their own ways but that wasn’t the end for Big Huge.

In 2013 Bryan Reynolds and Tim Train (Civilization II and Rise of Nations) along with other former members of Big Huge founded SecretNewCO. When the rights to their old monicker became available they snapped them up and became Big Huge Games once again. In July of 2013 they partnered with Nexon to develop their epic strategy battle game Dominations.

Dominations is available on iOS and Android with over 19 million downloads worldwide. After helping the game get made three years ago Nexon is back in the picture in the role of Big Huge’s new parent company. Nexon has made a name for themselves as a leading publisher of free-to-play mobile and online games around the world and continues to grow.

Big Huge Games

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Big Huge Games. One of Nexon’s core objectives is to empower the best game developers around the world and enable them to succeed,” said Owen Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon. “DomiNations has achieved great success in both the West and Asia, and we’re excited to work with Big Huge Games to deliver the best quality gameplay to fans for years to come.”

The partners will continue to support DomiNations. The mobile game will be receiving updates and new content as the companies have long term plans for the title. Nexon will bring their marketing and publishing expertise to the strategy game development skill of Big Huge Games.

Tim Train, Chief Executive Officer of Big Huge Games, commented, “We’ve had such a great relationship with Nexon on DomiNations, and we’re very excited to become part of the family. We share Nexon’s vision that games are most successful when passionate, talented designers can create innovative gameplay, and we look forward to many years of working together to create worldwide hits that change the mobile landscape.”

Hopefully the partnership of Nexon and Big Huge Games will foster the creation of quality content for the mobile market and the continued success of DomiNations. You can keep up to date with Big Huge Games and their game DomiNations at their website.


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