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Starting off the third of the E3 conferences for the year we get to hear from some of the kids of the developers at Bethesda as to what they think their parents do. After hearing from some of the developers what kinds of roles they have and genres they're working on the conference began with a pre-roll of some of their recently released games including Fallout 4, Prey, Dishonored 2, and more.

Pete Hines, Global VP of Marketing, immediately took to the stage to welcome fans to "Bethesdaland" for a chance to celebrate video games. Bethesda VR is the first to be spoken about as Hines announces that two VR titles will be released this year. The first of which for the HTC Vive and PSVR is Doom VFR. In this trailer we see players getting to take on enemies teleporting around as the locomotion style. Fallout 4 VR is the next to be shown off, unlike Doom this seems to be a more one to one conversion including getting to pull up your own hand to view your Pipboy and firing weapons by hand. Fallout VR will release on the HTC Vive this October.

Moving on from VR Elder Scrolls Online is up next with the upcoming Morrowind expansion being the next topic. Taking you back to the land of Morrowind you'll be able to explore old locations once again as you continue your journey in this MMO. The Morrowind expansion is available now. Also seen in this trailer is teases of two more expansions Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City. In both of these you will get access to new areas, new dungeons, new Battlegrounds maps, and more.

For something new Bethesda has announced Creation Club, this will be a way to download new content from Bethesda developers as well as outside creators. Coming Summer 2017 the additions that you get from here will be purchased with credits and will be fully compatible with all your save games and even achievements.

Elder Scrolls Legends was the next game to be discussed with a new expansion a Dark Brotherhood story and more coming next month. The trailer ended showing a card with the Skyrim logo. This expansion will be called Heroes of Skyrim and will be released 6/29/17.

Continuing with the theme Skyrim for Nintendo Switch was discussed next, this is the first time a Bethesda game will be released on a Nintendo console. With amiibo support you'll be able to dress your character like Link and wield the master sword. You will also be able to use the Joycons to use your shield, sword, and even bows and arrows.

In September a new story in the Dishonored universe will be told. In the following trailer, we see a new character making her way through enemies like it's child's play. This new character Billie and the man she rescues are off to take on the Outsider in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, this title will be releasing on 9/15. For those who aren't as familiar the Outsider is the strange entity that gives Corvo his powers in the original game. This will be a stand alone title.

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Taking a trip down memory lane and the birth of eSports with the original Quake, Bethesda quickly transitions into showing off Quake Champions and what it means for Bethesda now in the world of eSports. This fast paced arena shooter takes lessons from the fps of yesteryear with new character B.J. Blaskovich, of Wolfenstein fame, joining the fray. August 26th at Quakecon the Quake World Championship will also take place with competitors fighting it out for a prize pool of $1m. A beta is currently available via where Bethesda has also revealed some information about further updates.

Moving on to games that are still in the works Bethesda opened up with horror title Evil Within 2. The narration from Kidman reveals that Sebastian's daughter, Lily, who he thought was dead is actually still alive and he needs to return to stem in order to save her. The rest of the trailer gives us bits and pieces of both story and gameplay as we see Sebastian dealing with a variety of enemies in a number of different locations. The game will release on Friday the 13th of October this year.

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Embark on a journey to save your daughter from the Evils Within

For the final reveal of the press conference, we see a variety of old style clips setting us up for a trailer for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. We see B.J. waking up in a hospital bed with scars all over his body. The world is in ruins as the Nazis have seemingly taken over. The aim of this game will be for a revolution in America to take it back from the Nazis, along the way you will join up with a colorful group of resistance fighters. Shifting from a cinematic trailer we get to see more of BJ in action with a variety of weapons fighting Nazi humans, Nazi robots, and what we can only assume are Nazi Crocodiles. October 27th will be the release date for this game.

Pete Hines returns to stage for a final time to say that Wolfenstein 2 is "F%#@ing Bananas." After explaining where you'd be able to get your hands on all of these titles at the show he also emphasized that everything shown will be released this year.

What did you think of Bethesda's E3 2017 Conference? Did you see what you wanted to see, or did you feel that something was missed? What was your favorite thing you saw tonight?

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