Battleborn Post-Release Content Outlined

Published: March 17, 2016 12:10 PM /



With Randy Pitchford's announcement yesterday that Battleborn is officially ready to be sent to manufacturing and is on track to release on May 3.

Now Gearbox Software  has finished developing the base game, preparations for the game's post-release content are being made and the developer has outlined their plans for future content in a blog post. This content will consist of both free and paid updates to the Borderlands' developer's take on the Hero Shooter genre.

First off is the free content. All players who buy the game will get 5 new heroes to play with, which when added on to the original 25 heroes already present in the game, brings up the grand total to 30 heroes. The first one of these heroes is Alani, which seems to be a support character both able to inflict pain as well as heal it, using the element of water as a main source of her abilities. If you play the upcoming Open Beta on the PlayStation 4, you will automatically unlock her once she becomes available, which means you don't have to unlock her by playing the game.

Alani Battleborn

In addition to these free heroes, Gearbox also plans on adding completely new multiplayer modes, maps, balance tweaks and community features to the game post-release. A substantial sum of free content.

When gamers throw down their hard earned cash they want that experience to last. This is why it’s very important to us that we deliver more than $60 worth of content at launch and continue to add more value in the form of free heroes, maps, modes, and other features post-launch.

Gearbox is also planning on releasing paid content that add more content to the game. These add-on packs will each cost $4.99, and will each add new story operations, exclusive hero skins and taunts you can't get anywhere else. These story operations can be played solo or with friends and are "very replayable" according to the developer. These add-on packs are all available in the season pass, which costs 19.99. This basically gets you all 5 add-on packs for the price of 4. This season pass is bundled with the Digital Deluxe Edition for $74.99, which is $5 less than if you would buy the base game plus the season pass separately, and $10 less then if you bought the game and all the DLC separately. This edition also includes an exclusive customization item. 

Due to the developer's plan on making more skins for their heroes, they are planning on making cosmetic skins available via microtransactions. 

Battleborn is a team-based Hero Shooter set in a futuristic world with cartoony visuals similar to Borderlands. The game got hit with a delay last year, which resulted in the game's release being pushed from February to May. The game is coming out for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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