Asmodee Digital Unveils New Name And Two New Games

Published: August 17, 2022 11:36 AM /


News Tower, one of the two new projects announced by the newly-rebranded Asmodee Digital

Asmodee Digital, the digital arm of tabletop giant Asmodee, has announced that it is rebranding as Twin Sails Interactive. Along with the new name, Twin Sails also unveiled two new projects: a news tycoon management game and a 2D physics platformer.

So Asmodee Digital is now Twin Sails Interactive?

That's right. In a press release, Twin Sails said its rebrand was due to an evolution of its "initial vision and identity". Rather than simply publishing digital versions of Asmodee board games, the studio now wants to focus on original projects, it seems. COO Nicolas Godement will become the studio's managing director, and it will look to combine "indie and AA titles on premium platforms", i.e. PC and consoles. In order to highlight that strategy, Twin Sails also announced two brand new projects, both of which look pretty interesting.


The 2D physics platformer Amberial Dreams, which is one of two new projects announced by Asmodee Digital (now Twin Sails Interactive)
"Evolving 2D physics-based precision platformer" Amberial Dreams is just one of two new Twin Sails Interactive (formerly Asmodee Digital) projects.

The first new project is physics platformer Amberial Dreams, which is headed to PC via Steam Early Access this fall. You play as a sphere making its way through a series of "wicked levels", according to developer Lumorama. It'll be the fifth in the Amberia Flash series, but this one's headed to Steam too. Twin Sails' second inaugural project is News Tower, which is due to arrive on Steam (again via Early Access) in 2023. This one's a "news and resource management game" in which you must build a bustling news empire amid a 1930s political and economic crisis. Naturally, it'll have a classic newsboy-style aesthetic, so if you dig that, put it on your wishlist.

What else is going on in the world of Asmodee?

Asmodee Digital's rebrand as Twin Sails Interactive comes at a busy time for the tabletop company. Last December, Asmodee was acquired by Embracer Group, which appears to be snapping up companies left, right, and center right now. The studio is also hard at work on its new Access+ tabletop accessibility studio as well as its recently-announced line of official Netflix board games. As the main Asmodee company explores more and more tabletop avenues, it looks like Twin Sails-slash-Asmodee Digital wants to branch out more into original content, perhaps to prove that Asmodee isn't a one-trick pony.

A shot of Asmodee Digital or Twin Sails Interactive's Gloomhaven digital game
Asmodee Digital isn't just about digital tabletop products, and its new rebrand is intended to prove that.

We'll have to see what the future holds for Asmodee and its digital wing, but one thing's pretty much for certain: we're likely to see fewer digital Asmodee tabletop products from the studio and more original content in the future. Watch this space for more info about all things Asmodee.


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