[Updated] Apex Legends Servers Are Having Problems

Respawn Entertainment is aware of an issue with Apex Legends Servers on PC and consoles that are preventing some players from joining lobbies or completing matches in this Battle Royale game.

Published: July 8, 2021 4:09 PM /


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Update (07/09/21, 1:55 PM ET) – Respawn Entertainment says that it has released a server-side patch for Apex Legends servers that is showing "significant improvements" for the recent problems.

"We've released a server patch and are seeing significant improvements," read the tweet from Respawn. "We're keeping a close eye on the situation and will likely release an additional server patch to clean up some loose ends. We'll keep you updated, Legends."

A number of players on social media are still reporting problems, although the issue does appear to be somewhat less severe than it was before. We'll continue to follow this story as it develops.

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Respawn Entertainment has stated there are problems with Apex Legends servers, preventing some players from connecting to lobbies or completing matches in the Battle Royale game on PC and consoles.

It's been a pretty rough week for Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment in general. Earlier this week, an Apex Legends hack effectively disabled the game for several hours on July 4, 2021. Then, several players reported problems with Titanfall 2 servers yesterday. Now, it seems that Apex Legends is having trouble once again.

Apex Legends servers July 8 2021 Apex Legends Status chart
(Chart Credit: Apex Legends Status.)

What's Happening with Apex Legends Servers?

Player reporting and a statement from Respawn Entertainment indicate that Apex Legends servers are having some sort of problem, although the exact scope and scale of the issue aren't yet known.

"We're aware of an issue preventing [Apex Legends] players from connecting to lobbies," read a tweet from Respawn Entertainment. "We're looking into it!"

The Apex Legends Status website shows a spike in outage reports earlier today as seen in the above chart. That same site shows that the Crossplay authorization servers and US Status Network are having some issues; other servers are listed as "Mostly Operational."

On Reddit, a Brazilian player reported an error that he received in the middle of a match:

Unable to connect to EA Servers. Please check your Internet connection and try again. See ea.com/unable-to-connect for more information.

Several other players on the Apex Legends subreddit (such as in this submission) are reporting similar problems, whether they're trying to play a game or simply messing around in the training area.

However, this issue doesn't seem to be quite as severe as the July 4th attack that completely disabled the game. A number of players reported that they are no longer having issues and some players did not have any issues connecting whatsoever. I myself was able to play a game to completion via the New York City data center, although portions of the match still felt a little choppy.

As best as we can tell, the issues with the Apex Legends servers are intermittent but apparently still ongoing based on player reporting. We'll update this article when Respawn Entertainment releases more details about the issue.

Are you having any problems with Apex Legends servers? What do you think of the game's stability in recent weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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