Apex Legends: Hunted Update is Now Live

Published: August 10, 2022 2:53 PM /


Apex Legends: Hunted Update, new character Mara shown holding her sniper rifle to her eye with a light green backdrop

The Apex Legends: Hunted update is here, and it comes along with some fascinating new features that give the players even more content to enjoy. With a new character, new tactical, and even a new Ultimate ability, there is surely something for everyone.

Apex Legends Hunted Update, photo of three characters standing side by side in the desert aiming their guns and ready for battle

To start off on a strong note, this update brings Xiomara "Mara" Contreras, a Survivalist Sniper that can spot any opposing threat from miles away. She was born and raised in a harsh environment, meaning that learning to survive on her own in the vast and brisk wilderness of the ice planet Págos was really her only option. Using her passive ability, players will be able to aim down their sights to check out the area with their eye-piece, then use a bullet drop in order to see exactly where their next shot will land.

Players who choose to use the new Vantage legend will also have a new tactical to utilize called Echo Location, which allows the player to position their newfound companion Echo wherever they so choose, then launch themselves toward him in order to get in on the action. Echo must of course be within line of site in order to use the Launch ability. Mara also has a pretty sick Ultimate ability called Sniper’s Mark, which uses her custom sniper rifle to mark an enemy which in turn applies a hefty damage bonus to the target for not only you but your team as well.

On top of the new Legend comes a sparkling new and reworked version of the Kings Canyon map. Previously, the map was a wasteland due to the explosion that Loba caused, which forced the lands deeper into the watery abyss below. The reforged version showcases that the Salvage operation has come to completion, and the area is rebuilt in its entirety for the Apex Games to take place. Directly at the center of the battlefield, players will find the ever-known and iconic skull in all of its glory. 

There has also been an increase to the player's maximum account level, which players will reach over three new tiers of content. The new effective level maximum is 500 
Tier 3, and adds a whopping 345 more Apex Packs, which are packs of either cosmetic items or in-game currency that players can snag as they level their account towards the maximum. This also means that everyone is now able to earn an heirloom simply by playing the game, rather than having to purchase Apex Shards with real money. The total amount of Apex Packs available in-game is now 544, and none of these packs will include items that give any sort of gameplay advantage to keep the game fair at all times. 

To read the full list of updates that have been made during this Patch, check out the Apex Legends Steam Page. 


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