Apex Legends Gets Crossplay, Steam and Switch Release

Published: June 18, 2020 7:20 PM /


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Announced at this year's EA Play, Apex Legends is continuing its ongoing support as one of the most popular Battle Royales on the market with some massive announcements. In addition to discussing the ongoing Season 5, Respawn Entertainment also unveiled a brand new Collection event for the game known as Lost Treasures.

It's another stretch of challenges to help unlock new cosmetic looks for your own respective Legend, although it appears to have a swashbuckling global adventurer appearance to it all. The trailer also showed off changes to the map in addition to little flourishes of each character, the egotistical Mirage getting a gold statue of himself as a melee weapon, and the hacker Crypto getting his own personal maproom added to the world. This new season will also include a new item called a Mobile Respawn Beacon, where members of your squad can drop a beacon and bring you back into the fight if you happen to fall. This will all be coming when the Lost Treasures event goes live on June 23rd.


A fan-favorite mode returns this season as well. Armed and Dangerous Evolved is coming back for a limited time. All armor you pick up is evil, every single respawn point on the map is disabled, and the only weapons available are shotguns and sniper rifles. Move fast, play smart, and maybe you can claim victory.

Furthermore, it appears that Apex Legends is coming to multiple additional platforms. No longer will this free-to-play Battle Royale be playable only on EA's Origin service, it is also coming to Steam this Fall. There will also be a release on the Nintendo Switch. And to top it all off, Cross-Platform play is coming to all of these platforms this Fall. Now it doesn't matter what you play on if you want to squad up with some friends and grasp some legendary glory.

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