Alan Wake Returns Isn't What We Thought It Would Be


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Alan Wake Returns Isn't What We Thought It Would Be

March 4, 2016

By: Chris Anderson

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So remember last week when I gleefully reported a trademark Remedy Entertainment registered on the fast track for what at the time looked like a potential sequel to the horror/action game Alan Wake called Alan Wake Returns? It seems that I know have to (a lot less gleeful, I might add) report that that assumption was completely wrong. Alan Wake Returns isn't a new entry in the cult-hit franchise, it's a TV-show within the upcoming Remedy game Quantum Break.

Someone over at Kotaku spoke to Remedy's very own Sam Lake today to see if he could extract something a little more solid from the writer and creative director who was also the original model for Max Payne. He confirmed that Alan Wake Returns is going to be an in-game video series akin to the Lords and Ladies and Address Unknown shows that you could watch on various tv's in the Max Payne series. These videos are going to be live-action episodes you can watch at certain points in Quantum Break

While many, this writer included, assumed that the trademark had to be for a game, Remedy previously also trademarked other in-universe shows like Alan Wake's Bright Falls. 


A big part of the trademarking process all in all is the legalities of it. Just making sure everything is covered.

Lake and Remedy can't tell us yet when an actual sequel will be coming to a system near you, but he said that they "are exploring possibilities and concepting different things, but lots needs to click into place for anything to happen. We will be the first to talk about it when there is something definite to talk about."

Let's hope that moment comes sooner rather than later. 


Quick Take

Tease of the year right there, and I sorta did it to myself. At the very least we have a mini-show to look forward to that hopefully gives us a little extra insight into the whereabouts of my favorite fictional writer.