Adorable Programming Sim Autonauts Launches For PC October 17th

Published: September 24, 2019 11:00 AM /



Autonauts, an adorable programming sim from developer Denki and publisher Curve Digital, launches for PC on October 17th.

In Autonauts, your task is to colonize uninhabited planets using an array of programmable robots. As soon as you land your spaceship, you'll need to get to gathering materials, crafting items, and building your workerbots. Rather uniquely, you'll input their routine and then watch them carry it out until it finishes or they run out of battery. When they do, you'll just need to wind them up to get them started again. You can check out the very cute trailer for Autonauts below:

The goal of Autonauts is to colonize planets as efficiently as possible. You'll move through multiple technological ages, each one bringing with it new possibilities and AI routines. The game's coding language is designed to be user-friendly but complex, meaning you can explore lots of different possibilities but you won't be daunted when you first start. Developer Denki promises that your bots can "automate just about everything in your colony" and describes the game as a "violence-free, cerebral experience".

Autonauts will feature a campaign mode to play through. The campaign will offer a structured challenge which will introduce all of the game's elements gradually. If you'd rather just mess about, there's a Free mode in which all structures are unlocked immediately. For even more freedom, Autonauts will offer a Creative mode in which you'll have unlimited resources. You can also share your creations with your friends. The world you've created can be shared as a seed, while your AI subroutines can be exported as a jpeg.

You'll be able to grab Autonauts on PC via Steam starting from October 17th. The game will set you back $19.99. Not bad for your very own army of workerbots, eh?

Are you looking forward to checking out Autonauts? Let us know in the comments below!

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