10 Picks for the Humble Store Winter Sale

Published: January 18, 2016 11:06 AM /


Humble Store Winter Sale 2015

With the Steam Winter Sale well behind us, it's now the Humble Store's turn to rob your wallet of even more money. Instead of listing every game on sale during this 14-day event, I will list my personal picks for your consideration. So without any further ado, here are 10 games in no particular order that I would recommend you check out! For a full list of all the games on sale as well as the current flash sales, you can go here to check out the Humble Store page. Remember: 10% of every purchase goes to charity, so you can safely satiate your rampant consumerism in the name of a good cause!

The witcher 3 the wild hunt 660x330

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-50% $29.99)

This game needs no introduction at this point. It is a love letter to high-fantasy open-world roleplaying games that has an insane amount of story-driven content, great writing with great characters and character development all set in a very grounded setting that is a delight to play. If you've got a passing interest in roleplaying games then this is one game you just can't pass up. We loved it so much we gave it a perfect score!


Rocket League Review

Rocket League (-30% $13.99)

The winner of our Indie Pick of the Year AwardRocket League is a fast-paced and fun take on soccer with players taking control of a radio-controlled car in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 matches. The game is incredibly easy to get in to which means that you won't have to see the community pass you by while you're trying to grasp the basics. The game is fiercely competitive with a high skill ceiling that gets even more fun when there are friends involved. Read our review here.


Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines (-60% $11.99)

Cities: Skylines filled a void left by the recent disappointing reboot of the Sim City franchise, and managed to surprise friend and foe with its width and depth that allows you to turn a small hamlet into a sprawling metropolis. The developer also made it easy for the community to create their own content thanks to them implementing Steam Workshop support into their game. If you're a fan of management sims and solving traffic jams then you shall not have to look any further! This discount does not include the After Dark expansion so if you want that one it'll cost you an additional $15.


Life Is Strange

Life is Strange (-33% $13.39)

I loved this game when I reviewed it, and it's real easy to recommend this game at this price point. Life is Strange tells the story of Max Caulfield, a photography major attending a prestigious academy in a small town in Oregon. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster that introduces you to a full cast of archetypes and stereotypes while you use your supernatural power to rewind time to solve the mystery of a missing girl. If you're a fan of Telltale-style games that are heavy on the narrative and character development then this is a game you simply have to experience.


The Beginner's Guide

the Beginner's Guide (-40% $5.99)

The Beginner's Guide is the next game brought to you buy the creative mind behind The Stanley Parable, and while it doesn't deal so much with how games give us the illusion of choice, it does manage to tell a surprisingly heartfelt story about the one-sided connection we have with the media we consume. It's a very short and concise experience that has little to no replay value, but for 6 bucks it's not something you really have to pass up. 


Dishonored Corvo Fire

Dishonored (-66% $10.19)

Arkane Studios manages to deliver a compelling mixture of stealth and action that allows you to approach any given situation however you see fit. The game gives you a ton of gear to play with in addition to a couple of supernatural spells that allow you to be as creative as you can be while you murder your way to the top of the corrupt establishment in order to clear your name. The game's pastel colors and smudged textures makes this game stand the test of time as well. 


Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea (-40% $11.39)

Sunless Sea is an interesting roguelite set in a steampunk underground world that has you become the captain of a ship as you try to carve out a place for yourself in an unforgiving and dark world. You'll have to manage hunger and madness on your travels and tackle a wide variety of situations while learning more of the world's lore. It's a very slow game that rewards patience with stories that are unique to your playthrough. Recommended for those that are looking for a tough roguelite with a fresh angle.



The Long Dark (-50% $9.99)

The Long Dark is a game set in the isolated Canadian wilderness where you desperately try to survive the harsh temperatures and wildlife. The game's focus is solely on surviving in the sandbox, with a singleplayer story-driven campaign coming at some point in the future. With that being said, the game is still in Early Access so it isn't feature complete. If you're looking for a pure survival experience that is still actively being developed you can check this game out. If you're looking for a more cohesive experience you may want to pass this one up for now.


Warhammer Space Marine Collection

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collection (-75% $14.99)

Gratuitous violence perpetrated by grotesque humans in huge power armour. The prime Ork killing adventure you've been waiting for. This game has an amazing attention to detail, a main character voiced by none other than Mark Strong and a story that throws explosion after explosion at your face. Plus, you can kill the heretics with a sword that is also a chainsaw. This version of the game includes a ton of multiplayer stuff. The game isn't extremely long but it makes up for its brevity by being really enjoyable. Maybe the best 40k game out there, barring the original Dawn of War (which is also on sale)


Brutal Legend

Brütal Legend (-80% $2.99)

Come for the weird art style, stay for the wealth of heavy metal influenced locales and characters (Lemmy Kilmister is there, and so is Ozzy among others) and the interesting RTS/Hack and slash hybrid. Plus, you play a roadie voiced by Tenacious D singer Jack Black so what's not to love? This game isn't the best you'll ever play, but the creative theme makes this an easy 3 bucks to spend.



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