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Starter workbench options.

In Spirit of the Island, you will find that there is more to life than just farming. In order to truly make a thriving farm, you need to get used to using the building mechanics. These are what allow you to make items and build the facilities you need to make a more profitable farm. Here's our Spirit of the Island Building Guide!

How Building Works in Spirit of the Island

You will be introduced to the building system shortly after you start playing the game. You use your workbench to turn materials that you gathered into building materials or tools. You then, in turn, use these new building materials to build new facilities on your farm, whether it be a chicken coop or tiles to make a walkway.

Many of the game's quests revolve around making certain items that the characters request on the town notice board. You will also find that the main missions of the game require you to make certain items so buildings like the dock can be repaired.

If you are doing a quest, you can see the items you need to make to satisfy the quest givers' needs on the side of your screen. The number of materials you need and how hard they are to make directly depends on the item you are trying to make or the quest you are trying to fulfill.

Started Building tiles

The Skill Leveling System

The building system directly ties into the skill leveling system. Items like the higher leveled tools and some buildings such as the chicken coop can’t be built until you’ve hit a certain level in one of these games' ten skills. These skills are:

  • Farming
  • Technology
  • Social
  • Mining 
  • Foraging
  • Crafting
  • Fishing 
  • Cooking
  • Combat
  • Exploration

You can only upgrade these by indulging in activities that impact the skill, and every skill has five levels. While some may not directly impact which building you are able to build, increasing your mining can help you gather ores more easily, and leveling up your combat can help you take down monsters, explore islands, and ultimately gather more materials.

Spirit of the Island displays all the material, tools, and building recipes from the start and shows you what skill you need to level up to unlock them. This can help you manage your goals and work towards what you think will be most beneficial to your play style.

Leveling up a skill in Spirit of the Island.

Must-Build Items in Spirit of the Island

While many things you can build are going to be left up to how you want to play the game, there are some necessities. Here are the items you will want to get built as soon as possible.

  • Stove
  • Furnace
  • Chests
  • Upgraded Tools
  • Sprinklers
  • Bait 
  • Keys
  • Gifts
  • Fridge
  • Staff Housing
  • Garage 
  • Bike

Many of these are needed to get the most out of systems like farming, fishing, and saving time when getting around town. While some of these will take quite some time to make, they are all worth it in the end.

Having staff and sprinklers will greatly help to automate your farm while having a fridge and chests give you extra storage space. Upgrading your tools makes doing tasks easier, and gifts can help to get you closer to your favorite villagers.

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