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Your first farming plot.

One of the most important parts of playing Spirit of the Island is growing your homestead. This means ensuring the crops are growing, materials are building, and animals are eating.
Like most games, though, it will take you quite some time to get your farm fully up and running.

Your First Harvest

The game makes it very easy to make farming plots and get seeds. All you need for a growing plot is 4x dirt and your trust hammer to make the plot and place it. Once the plot is down, you can chop up the grass around you to collect tons of free seeds that are in season. Once you get six of the same type of seeds, you can water your plot and plant them. 

The plot will notify you when it needs more water and even shows the plant's growth progress above the plot. Within a few days, you should be able to pick your first harvest. The best part about this is that the plants will just keep growing. There is no need to replant your seeds.

Food can be sold to traders and in your shop when you unlock it, consumed right away, or cooked using your stove. It’s always nice to keep food on hand and then sell your excess to keep profits flowing into your farm. While small batches of crops aren't worth a lot, constantly selling crops throughout the year will net you a decent profit.

It’s pretty easy to quickly build up a huge row of dirt plots, and once you level your farming skill up, you gain access to a ton of helpful features like sprinklers. You will also eventually be able to make machines that let your produce better items to sell

If you are having trouble getting the seeds you want, then you can head into town during the morning hours and speak with Jordan. He sells seeds at a reasonable price, and if you haven’t yet been able to build a shop, then you can sell your excess items off to him for a profit.

You should be ready to reseed your land at the start of every new season.

Growth meter in Spirt of the Island.

Planting An Orchard

In addition to plots, you can also grow trees on your farm. These can be built using your hammer at farming level one and will produce fruit. You will need fruit seed to complete the recipe, but Jordan seems to keep fruit seeds in stock.

Be sure to make a space for your orchard and keep it separate from your crops to keep things neat and organized. Just like with normal crops, trees will only produce fruit when they are in season. Keep this in mind when you are deciding which trees to go ahead and plant.

Your First Barn

On top of growing plants, you can also raise several different types of animals. Here are the livestock that you can have on your farm:

  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Bees

These will not be available during the start of the game. You will need to reach farming level two in order to start keeping livestock. You level up your farming skill by caring for crops, so just keep growing big harvests, and you will unlock the ability to have animals in no time.

You should also know that each type of livestock requires a different building, and each building can only hold a small amount of livestock. Once you have your building in place, you can purchase your animals. You will also need to invest in a milking station if you want to start making money off of your cows.

In order to keep your animals healthy, you will need to ensure that they have access to food and water

Making Specialty Products

In addition to just having a raw harvest of crops and livestock products, you can build machines to make things like cheese and juices. Of course, this means that you will need to further increase your farming level as these devices won’t be available from the start of the game.

The cheese machine itself requires your farming level to be at four, while the wine machine needs you to reach farming level five. This will take quite some time, and the only way to reach this level is by constantly growing crops and caring for your livestock. 

Luckily, there are some ways to make this process easier and free up your time so you can go off and explore other islands.

A starter farm in Spirt of the Island

Automating the Process

To have your farm become more self-reliant, you can add things like sprinklers. The basic sprinkler unlocks the moment you hit farming level two and can help to keep your plants watered every day.

You can also build staff housing when you hit crafting level three and hire tourists to work on your farm. For a daily paycheck, your staff will help keep your animals fed and handle your shop. While this will take quite a few real-world hours to accomplish, the grind is completely worth it. By automating your farming process, you can focus on the main story of the game, adventuring and courting the villager that you have chosen to marry.

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