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Sapiens Farming Guide

July 26, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


Our Sapiens Farming Guide will tell you how to unlock Farming, how Farming works, and the best Crops to grow to keep your Tribe well fed!

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List of Crops


How Sapiens Farming Works

Sapiens Farming works in one of two ways:

  1. Planting a Crop seed and waiting for it to grow.
  2. Planting the Crop itself and waiting for it to grow.

No watering or fertilization is necessary as of version b15.


Replanting Crops isn't necessary, either. Once planted, a Crop will continue to produce fruit or vegetables every year. All you need to worry about is harvesting existing Crops when the time comes and planting new ones.

How to Unlock Sapiens Farming

You can unlock Sapiens Farming by Investigating Rock Knapping, Digging, and Planting, in that order.


Best Sapiens Crop to Grow

Best Sapiens Crops to Grow First

The best Sapiens Crops to grow are Apples, Beetroots, and Pumpkins, and you should focus on growing Apples first.

In version b15, most Crops will only last a few days even if you store them indoors. There are only three exceptions to this rule: Apples, Beetroots, and Pumpkins.

Which Crop Should I Plant First in Sapiens?

The first Sapiens Crop you should plant is Apples for several reasons:

  • Apples last until the following year, reducing the chances of the Food spoiling before it's eaten.
  • One Apple yields one Apple Tree, which produces several Apples once it's fully grown.
  • Apple Trees can provide Branches
  • In an emergency, Apple Trees can provide Wood.

Beetroots and Pumpkins are good choices once you have a fair amount of Apple Trees planted. I recommend at least 1 Apple Tree per Sapien in your Tribe plus a few extra to cover any future Children or wandering Sapiens who join your Tribe while the Apple Trees are still growing.

Finally, a note on Wheat: Wheat is a Crop that is only useful in the current late game (as of version b15) -- it can be used to make Hulled Wheat, which is then turned into Flour and finally baked into Flatbread. This, however, requires a lot more work and infrastructure; it's best saved for when you have 10 or more Sapiens

Sapiens Farming Guide - List of Crops

List of Sapiens Farming Crops

Here are all of the Sapiens Crops we've found so far.



  • Type - Tree
  • Rots (Indoors) - Next year
  • Used For - Food


  • Type - Plant
  • Rots (Indoors) - Next year
  • Used For - Food, Roasted Beetroot


  • Type - Plant
  • Rots (Indoors) - Next year
  • Used For - Flax Twine


  • Type - Bush
  • Rots (Indoors) - A few days
  • Used For - Food


  • Type - Tree
  • Rots (Indoors) - A few days
  • Used For - Food


  • Type - Plant
  • Rots (Indoors) - Next year
  • Used For - Food, Roasted Pumpkin, Balafon


  • Type - Bush
  • Rots (Indoors) - A few days
  • Used For - Food


  • Type - Plant
  • Rots (Indoors) - A few years
  • Used For - Food, Decoration


  • Type - Plant
  • Rots (Indoors) - Next year
  • Used For - Hulled Wheat, Flour

That's it for our Sapiens Farming Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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