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Our Sapiens Roles Guide will tell you what all of the Roles in the game do and which Roles you should assign to the Sapiens in your Tribe.

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What Do Sapiens Roles Do? | What Roles Should You Assign to your Sapiens?

What Are Sapiens Roles?

Sapiens Roles allow you to assign tasks to your Sapiens. For example, only Sapiens with the Flax Spinning Role can make Flax Twine out of Dry Flax.

It should be noted that many Roles also require the use of Tools. Farming, for example, requires a Hand Axe or Pickaxe in order to plant Crops.

Skilled vs. Unskilled

Assigning a Role to a Sapien is not enough. If they have never done the Role before, they will be "Unskilled" -- they'll need some time to learn the Role and become "Skilled." Once Skilled, they will be able to actually perform the role.

Creative and Focused

"Creative" and "Focused" are two passive buffs that can increase the efficiency of your sapiens at certain roles. You'll see these points listed when you go to assign a Role.

How to Assign Roles in Sapiens

There are three ways to assign Roles in Sapiens:

  1. Select the Sapien, Click Manage, and assign them Roles
  2. Press F2 to go to the Tribe Menu, pick your Sapien, and assign them Roles.
  3. Press F2, go to the Roles Screen, and click on a Role. You can then assign Sapiens Roles from here.

How Many Roles Can a Sapien Have?

Sapiens can have a maximum of 6 Roles.

How to Unlock More Sapiens Roles

You can unlock more Sapiens Roles by completing Investigations on the appropriate objects.

Sapiens Roles Guide - Permissions Chart

Sapiens Roles Permissions Chart

This chart shows whether or not Roles can be performed by Children, Pregnant Women, and Elders. An X means that the role can be performed by that class of Sapien and a blank space means that it cannot.

Role Children? Pregnant? Carrying Infant? Elders?
General Labor X X X X
Basic Building X X X X
Investigation       X
Diplomacy X X X X
Fire Lighting X X X X
Rock Knapping X X X X
Basic Hunting       X
Thatch Building       X
Pottery X X X X
Butchery X X X X
Flax Spinning X X X X
Tree Felling       X
Digging       X
Bone Carving X X X X
Flint Knapping X X X X
Wood Working       X
Threshing       X
Basic Cooking X X X X
Tool Assembly X X X X
Wood Building       X
Planting       X
Music X X X X
Grinding X X X X
Mud Brick Building       X
Spear Hunting       X
Mining       X
Baking X X X X
Ceramics X X X X
Brick Building       X
Tiling       X

Sapiens Roles Guide - What Do Sapiens Roles Do

What Do Sapiens Roles Do?

Here are what all of the Sapiens Roles do:

General Labor

Collect Hay from Grass, move objects, and collect fruit from trees, bushes, and the ground.

Basic Building

Build basic items like beds, Crafting areas, storage areas, and more.


Investigate objects and unlock new Roles.


Convince Sapiens from other Tribes to join your Tribe or convince Sapiens in your Tribe to leave.

Fire Lighting

Allows the lighting of Campfires.

Rock Knapping

Create primitive Rock tools like the Hand Axe.

Basic Hunting

Hunt small Animals by throwing Small Rocks.

Thatch Building

Allows the placement of Thatch Building pieces.


Craft Mud Bricks and Urns.


Allows butchering Animals.

Flax Spinning

Convert Dry Flax into Flax Twine.

Tree Felling

Chop down Trees.


Dig up the ground.

Bone Carving

Carve Bone into Tools.

Flint Knapping

Create Flint Tools.

Wood Working

Craft things out of Logs and Branches.


Thresh Wheat into Hulled Wheat.

Basic Cooking

Cooking of simple recipes.

Tool Assembly

Assemble more complex Tools.

Wood Building

Allows the placement of Wood Building parts.


Allows the planting of Crops, Bushes, and Trees for Farming.


Play a musical instrument, adding a positive buff to nearby Tribe members and increasing their Loyalty and Happiness.


Grind Hulled Wheat into Flour.

Mud Brick Building

Allows the placement of Mud Brick Building pieces.

Spear Hunting

Hunt Alpacas and Mammoths with Spears.


Break Boulders into smaller Stones.


Baking Flour into Flatbread.


Allows the firing of Urns and Bricks in a Kiln.

Brick Building

Allows the placement of Brick Building pieces.


Allows the placement of Tiles.

Sapiens Roles Guide - What Roles Should You Assign to Your Sapiens

What Roles Should You Assign to Your Sapiens?

Deciding which Sapiens Roles to assign to your Sapiens can be a challenge, but I've worked out a system that should cover all of the bases once you've Investigated everything.


  • Rock Knapping
  • Flint Knapping
  • Flax Spinning
  • Bone Carving
  • Tool Assembly
  • General Labor

Sapiens with this setup will spend most of their time sticking around Crafting Areas and making Tools for the rest of the Tribe. General Labor is included for when they're not crafting.


  • Fire Lighting
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Wood Working
  • Basic Building
  • General Labor

These Sapiens will make more complex items that are used less often. Otherwise, General Labor allows them to still be helpful.


  • Thatch Building
  • Wood Building
  • Mud Brick Building
  • Brick Building
  • Tiling
  • General Labor

Builders will erect Buildings; otherwise, they'll help out with General Labor.


  • Grinding
  • Threshing
  • Baking
  • Basic Cooking
  • Fire Lighting
  • Butchery

Cooks will handle the production of more complex food for your Tribe.

Hunter / Investigator

  • Basic Hunting
  • Spear Hunting
  • Diplomacy
  • Investigation
  • General Labor

Hunters will (as you might expect) hunt Animals. The inclusion of Diplomacy allows them to quickly recruit any new Sapiens from other Tribes that spawn outside of town. Additionally, they are your only Sapiens who will Investigate new Roles.

Farmer / Gatherer

  • Tree Felling
  • Digging
  • Mining
  • Planting
  • Diplomacy

Farmers / Gatherers will focus on collecting materials for your Tribe. As with the Hunter/Investigator, they also have Diplomacy in order to recruit other Sapiens.


  • Music

The sole focus of Musicians is to play Music. This will buff everyone else in your Tribe with higher Happiness and Loyalty.

That's it for our Sapiens Roles Guide. If you liked this guide, consider taking a look at some of our other guides below!

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