Recipe For Disaster Campaign Guide - "A Chef's Take"

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a level selector from Recipe for Disaster with 5 level cards, all are available to select and have a chef hat badge above them

Recipe For Disaster has 5 levels that players work to complete, each with their own win conditions and lose conditions, as well as special bonus conditions that can be completed as well. Our Recipe for Disaster campaign guide should help you complete each one without too much issue!

Recipe for Disaster Level 1 Guide - Sloppy Joe's

  • Win Conditions - Have 5 seated tables at the same time. Serve 8 Tables. Earn €150 income from food in a single day.
  • Lose Condition - 30% popularity. 

Getting Started in Level 2 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Have your ambience overlay on while building.
  • Clear out the trash and the second toilet in one stall. Move the storage shelves to the kitchen. Add two fire extinguishers in the kitchen and another fryer and grill. Add a couple of tables to make 5, get rid of the second hand chairs and put in new ones, four around each to maximise possible customers, and add some decor to up the ambience. 
  • Look at your recipes. The Cosmic Banana is a non starter, either make it more cohesive via the recipe editor, or take it off and replace it with something like fried chicken and fries.
  • Then order a minimum of items on your recipes to keep stored. After this take a look at your team. If you want them to start off feeling good up their pay a little bit.

What to do after you open up in Level 1 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Once open immediately pause the action and assign members of your team to each appliance based on their skills and loved/hated activities. If you assign a hated activity this will up their stress level quickly, so keep people to things they either love or are neutral on if you can.
  • Also, use the cleaning areas symbol which is now active. Use this to set up cleaning areas around the restaurant. Cover the kitchen, dining and bathrooms, and make sure each appliance or piece of furniture is covered, else it will get dirty, and be prone to being unusable (even shelves and fridges). Raise the priority of each cleaning area to around 50% and assign 3 people.
  • If you feel the team is stretched add another member with skills that fill out the requirement and assign them to where you need that skill.

Now you can start the simulation, and hopefully you will quickly meet the win conditions over the course of one day or two, if you're finding it difficult to fill up the tables, add another.

Recipe for Disaster Level 1 Bonus Condition - Sell 5 Dishes at €70 or more

  • This means 5 people paying €70 at the end of their meal, not 5 dishes on the menu for €70. You can have one or two dishes that are a bit more expensive to make (in the €10-20 range) which if your popularity is high enough, customers will be willing to pay more for.
Recipe For Disaster UI panels around the first level building, with a sims style view, seeing through the kitchen, seating and toilet area of the restaurant. Empty, on the corner of two roads, with two tables and upturned trash in the centre of the seating.

Recipe for Disaster Level 2 Guide - Family Business

  • Win Conditions - Serve 30 tables. Earn €1,800. 45% popularity.
  • Lose Condition - 3% popularity.

Getting Started in Level 2 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Set up a bathroom area. Put in three or four tables with four chairs, then set up decoration and lighting using the ambience overlay to optimise.
  • Add a grill, oven and fire extinguishers to the kitchen. 
  • Go to your recipes and add ingredients to improve the meat and fish dishes that are there, add your own dishes if you like.
  • Hire a couple of staff to help you manage, with skills that are different to your own (avoid sickly or annoying people to avoid stress and infection) and raise their salaries. You can fire people who aren't performing as you go. If you wait will get options in the hiring section of better fits who will help raise the popularity of the restaurant. Hiring people skilled at cleaning and serving will be necessary to stop complaints about rudeness and cleanliness.
  • Go to your recipes and add some ingredients, adapt the meat and fish dishes that are there. Add your own couple of dishes if you like.

What to do after you open up in Level 2 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Make sure to set up your cleaning stations.
  • Customer ratings will be unpredictable and low at first, so don't despair if you drop a little popularity wise. You will receive suggested menu items from some customers, add these to the menu and then spice them up a little.
  • As you upgrade the menu and continue to improve on a strong base the amount of naysayers will reduce.
  • Meet people at their complaints and cut them off by addressing that issue quickly, Adding to the decor as you go, and adding more toilets and staff if you find people are impatient.

With this set up you should quickly reach the win conditions. 

Recipe for Disaster Level 2 Bonus Condition - 60% Popularity

Keep playing, improving your team and layout and this should happen quickly.

Recipe For Disaster UI panels around the first level building, with a sims style view, seeing through the kitchen, seating and toilet area of the restaurant. Three staff attend tables in the front, in the kitchen staff wait to cook.

Recipe for Disaster Level 3 Guide - Double Trouble 

  • Win Conditions - Buy 2 plots. Have 8 seated tables at the same time. Earn €1200 in the same day.
  • Lose Conditions - Janis or Janice quits or is fired.

Getting Started in Level 3 of Recipe for Disaster

  • First buy the plots to expand into. The best purchases are two directly next to the current building. Use your opening money to purchase both if you're in a hurry and clean out the trash. 
  • Move the bench, essential for the break area, out to the back of the building and then expand the seating and kitchen areas into the new plots, as well as adding a bathroom area with a couple of stalls. 
  • While 8 seated tables is the aim, start with 2 or 3 because of your lower popularity and expand from there. Make sure they are closely grouped, and soon you should attract a bigger customer inflow.
  • Your menu is pricey seafood cuisine, so take a look at each basic recipe and either lower the price or add some steps and flavour to make it worth the prices. 
  • Add a kitchen that matches the steps in the recipes, with fire extinguishers.

What to do after you open up in Level 3 of Recipe for Disaster

  • As the intro says, the two twin's personalities differ and keeping them on staff is necessary. If you assign them to their preferred tasks and up their pay however, this shouldn't be a bother.
  • Add another staff member or two with the skills needed to round out your team, and make sure their personalities aren't too stressful. 
  • The plots you bought at the start should accommodate the 8 tables. As things go on and you grow in popularity build out your seating space to fit them and seating in, you will be more likely to attract people if there is unbroken or strong green area around them. Upgrade your furniture and seating areas to the more appealing, expensive options as you can. 
  • If you are struggling with filling the 8, experiment with configuration and routes of access. You can add up to ten or twelve tables, even outside, to give people enough options. 

Eventually will meet your win conditions by having enough customers.

Recipe for Disaster Level 3 Bonus Condition - Buy 6 Plots

Either earn enough each to make it viable, or once you have met the win conditions, buy up all the plots and go into debt, you will get the bonus.

Recipe For Disaster UI panels around the first level building, with a sims style view, seeing through the kitchen, seating and toilet area of the restaurant. From the level Double Trouble, staff stand in the restaurant with thought bubbles indicating their thoughts or current task. Three people approach the restaurant.

Recipe for Disaster Level 4 Guide - Old Ribs

  • Win Conditions - Sell 10 dishes at €100 or more. 50% popularity. Have 12 tables seated at the same time.
  • Lose conditions - Jamal quits or is fired. Don't be in debt, ever.

Getting Started in Level 4 of Recipe for Disaster

  • This brings together everything you've learned about setting up a restaurant for success. Be mindful of your expenses as you make changes (have a buffer of around €100 to pay for delivery and wages). Don't buy the expansion plot to start.
  • Clear out the trash inside and out back. Sell the Italian dining tables and move the bathroom decoration out front. Space out the fryers and if you want to expand outside of fried food, sell one and add your own appliance choice. As you go along requests will be made for non-fried food that you might want to add.
  • Repaint the seated area floor and walls with something more modern and buy four fancy tables with chairs and decor.
  • In the kitchen there will be some stored ingredients not used in recipes, like 20 lamb chops. Either get rid, or come up with a recipe for them. Either way, buy a new fridge.
  • Take a look at the menu. Remove the banana from the House of Ribs and lower the prices. Add a couple of your own cheaper choices, and order a minimum of around 4 of your ingredients to start.
  • Hire a couple of staff members to aid you and Jamal, and up Jamal's pay so he is less likely to quit. 

What to do after you open up in Level 4 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Set up cleaning areas, assign your appliances and begin.
  • Hopefully with the kind of set up we've created this should be a good start for you to adapt and upgrade your decor, team and menu.
  • Don't aim for the €100 dishes or 12 tables first, wait until you have gained 50% popularity. 
  • You will want to start expanding your number of tables pretty quickly, and the starting room can fit 6 tables of 4, plus a couple extra with less seats. Grow your team and cleaning areas to accommodate these.
  • Once you're around the 40% mark, you can buy the plot and put in some extra space for tables. You will need a team of around 8 to 10 people with this size of space so that you're not overworking people. 

Certain perks will help you to achieve the win conditions, including Popular Kid (attract more customers) and International Chef (customers will be willing to pay more). When you are above 50% you can either raise more expensive dishes you have to €100, or invent a couple of your own to sell at that price. Make sure the cost of making will allow that price.

Recipe for Disaster Level 4 Bonus Condition - 1 day without a negative review

Since reviews can be unpredictable this is a goal that you'll only achieve if you are making everyone the AI throws at you happy. The longer you go on being great, the likelier this will happen.

Recipe For Disaster UI panels around the first level building, with a sims style view, seeing through the kitchen, seating and toilet area of the restaurant. From the level Old Ribs. Customers sit in the seating area, with indicators of their current waiting status, seven staff are walking around attending to different tasks.

Recipe for Disaster Level 5 Guide - Big Carrot

  • Win Conditions - Buy 4 plots, Have 12 seated tables at the same time, 70% popularity.
  • Lose Conditions - 10% popularity

Getting Started in Level 5 of Recipe for Disaster

You made it to the big city, but things aren't as glamorous as they seem.

Since you begin in debt, the best thing to do is sell some decor, the kitchen stuff, paintings, tvs, and a couple vases and wall lights being your best choices. Considering your current menu, sell the unused stoves and one of the countertops if you don't plan to use them in your own starting menu. Sell one of the storage shelves and discard a couple of items from refrigerated storage, in order to get rid of that worry.

  • Move the interior tables into the centre, creating lines of three, and remember to move the lights above them each time.
  • Sell one of the outdoor tables and move the other away from the trash, move vases to improve their area. Soon we will be buying plot 6 and clearing it out. You can also move it inside to fill the space made by moving the others, or just sell it to up your starting cash.
  • Use the new cash to add a fire extinguisher, and in the cleared up space in the front add a toilet, which can just be a single space with a solid door for now. 
  • Starting around €0 is okay, as you will make money through the day. Set your minimum order pretty low to start with, so that they don't refill until needed, and then up it once you're earning.
  • Optionally, if you have less tables you can get rid of your weakest staff member, though make sure they aren't covering a skill nobody else can cover, and keep everyone happy by splitting their pay between the team with a raise. 
  • Move the break bench round back to the outdoor seating to stop staff stressing about its ugliness.

What to do after you open up in Level 5 of Recipe for Disaster

  • Set up cleaning areas and up the thresholds to around 40-50%, remembering any seating outside, and assign people to appliances and serving. 
  • After you start earning, add a second toilet quickly to stop people leaving because they couldn't use the toilet. Then save up so that you can buy plot 6 and remove the trash.
  • Eventually upgrade your indoor tables and add new ones to those empty areas of the original space, and also upgrade your cooking equipment to improve the quality and reduce the chance of fire. 
  • While following the standard procedures of adding and upgrading tables, staff, decor, toilets and menu items, raising your popularity the whole time, you will want to save up a couple of times to buy plots to meet the win condition. Expanding your original outdoor seating area and clearing out the back of the restaurant's trash are the priorities probably. 
  • The front area can be bought cheapest, but shouldn't be turned into seating because of the complex route staff have to take to serve them. Spruce it up to attract customers, maybe move the door of the restaurant forward into it.

With this formula you will gain popularity, and remembering essentials like hiring staff to make sure the team isn't overstretched, and hopefully will quickly be able to fill out those tables.

Recipe for Disaster Level 5 Bonus Condition - 100% Popularity

Once you get to 70%, the same formula will keep you rising until you become the best regarded restaurant manager in the big city.

By now, you've probably completed all 5 levels of Recipe for Disaster - if so, congratulations! Hopefully this campaign guide helped you.

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