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Our Moonstone Island Starter Guide will show you the basics of the new farming-sim/monster-collecting game as well as how to get yourself set up with all the best equipment you need to get started. 

Moonstone Island is very similar to other life sims in many ways but has a few differences that might catch you out if you’re not ready for them.

We’ve listed the common differences below and taught you how to deal with them.

Don’t (always) Sell Your Crops

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Don’t sell your Crops straight away. In the early game, there are other sources of income that will make you money faster, and most of the basic crops you start out with are needed to maintain health and stamina, both for you and your spirits. 

If you really want to make money as a farmer, you’ll need to go and find wild plants spread out amongst the islands throughout the different seasons. Harvesting these plants with your scythe with give you seeds you can grow for much more money.

Build Flying Devices First (Ballon, Broom, Glider)

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Some of the first things you’ll need to craft are the balloon and a new broom for yourself. These not only allow you to explore other islands to find more spirits and resources, but they also are necessary to make it through any dungeons. 

You should also make the Glider one of your first creations once you’ve gained access to the Moonstone Enhancer.

Explore Town Immediately

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There are a lot of interesting people in town that you should meet. Not only will this teach yu about all of the services available, but it’s also vital to gain the necessary tools you’ll need later on. 

Visit the statue as soon as possible. This gives you access to the Warp Whistle that returns you back to the main island if you get lost.

Complete All Starter Quests

Moonstone Island screenshot showing a pixel art character standing outside of a tree with a window and door cut into it

When you first set foot in town you’ll be loaded down with missions to complete. Make sure you complete all of the first missions in each person's questlines.

Each questline gives you access to the necessary equipment to continue progression. The smithy gives you furnaces, the research center gives you barns/spirit stuff, etc.

Break Big Stones for Mines

Moonstone Island screenshot showing a pixel art character in a blue hat standing in a dark mine shaft surrounded by boulders

As well as breaking them for resources, big rocks can often hide holes that lead into the ground. These mines are your main source of both Copper and Iron, and you’ll need plenty of both. 

On your starter island, you’ll typically find two or three mines under various rocks dotted around the place. Make sure you find them quickly as you’ll want the resources and money you can find by going inside.

Don’t Sell All Your Gems

Moonstone Island screenshot showing a menu filled with different colored gems and potions

While the game tells you they’re just for selling to make money, some recipes do rarely call for gems of a specific color. 

It’s smart to keep one of each color in your chests to ensure that you can craft any recipe you might suddenly find a need for.

Getting Your Hands on Resources

A big part of continuing your progress in Moonstone Island is getting your hands on fresh resources as often as possible. If you're struggling to maintain a decent supply of items, or figure out where obscure stuff is, then you can check out our resource guide for some help. 

That's it for this guide, but you can check out some of our similar guides for other games in the list below. 

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