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Moonstone Island Key Art Showing a Character in Pixel Art style holding up a pinwheel

This Moonstone Island Resource Guide will teach you how to get your hands on the more obscure materials you need in the game. 

Several items are needed pretty early on, but won’t make themselves obvious to you until you’re way further into the game. 

You can get your hands on a lot of these resources pretty quickly if you know where to go. 

We’ve listed the more obscure materials below and where you can go to get your hands on each one. You can check out our starter guide too if you need more help with the game. 

How to Get Moonstones

Moonstone Island screenshot with an annotation highlighting the glowing spot in the grass at night time

One of the more important resources in the game, Moonstones are something you’ll need to be hunting down almost straight away. 

Explore your island at night time and look out for a glowing spot in the grass to reveal where moonstone is hiding. 

Each island will only spawn one Moonstone, so you won’t be able to get your hands on lots at once until you unlock the glider. 

How to Get Clay

Moonstone Island artwork showing a pixel art representation of a ball of brown mud

Clay is a resource that you can only get from Earth-attribute spirits that you’re keeping in your barn. To unlock the barn, complete your first Research mission (tame a lvl 5 spirit). 

Once you have a barn, keep an earth-attribute spirit in there and feed them fibre (cut grass) each day. Every so often you’ll find an elemental ‘dropping’ in the mornings. 

How to Get Sea Glass

Moonstone Island artwork showing a pixel art representation of a small nodule of blue sea glass

Like Clay, you get sea glass from spirits you’re feeding in your barn every few days. 

Tame a water-attribute creature and keep it in your barn to find sea glass. 

How to Get Ash

Moonstone Island artwork showing a pixel art representation of a furnace with some wood and coal inside

Ash is another important resource for various recipes, but you’ll need a furnace to make it. 

Put three pieces of wood in a furnace and light it up with a piece of coal to produce three pieces of ash as a result. 

How to Get Bridges

Moonstone Island screenshot showing the crafting menu with the page for bridges open showing the crafting recipe and how many the player is currently holding

Craft bridges immediately using only one wood and one stone. It’s the first recipe in your crafting menu and is one you should get used to making. 

How to get Cloth

Monster Island screenshot with a crafting menu displaying the crafting recipe for a bolt of cloth

Cloth can be obtained by crafting three pieces of fiber together. 

How to get Fibre

Moonstone Island screenshot showing a blue-clad pixelated character swinging a scythe through some grass while surrounded by strange monsters

Mow grass with your Scythe to get fiber from it. You’ll need tons of these if you plan on keeping even a small number of spirits in your barn. 

That's it for this guide, but you can check out other, similar guides below.

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