How to Get Lockpicks in Chernobylite

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Are you wondering how to get Lockpicks in Chernobylite? We'll tell you everything you need to know to open up those troublesome locked doors in the rad-soaked wasteland!

Here's How to Get Lockpicks in Chernobylite

We have to cover a few prerequisites before we explain how to get Lockpicks in Chernobylite. If you're hoping to make them before venturing on your first mission, you're going to be disappointed.

How to Get Lockpicks in Chernobylite base

Step 1: Complete the Tutorial and Gain Access to Your Base

Your first step will be to complete the game's tutorial and opening sequence. This should take you around 30 minutes or so and it teaches you many of the basic mechanics — including Crafting, something you'll have to do for making Lockpicks.

Step 2: Run Missions and Gather Resources

Your next step is to run a couple of missions and gather some resources. I got more than enough materials after completing the game's intro and doing two missions — make sure to explore everywhere!

Here's what I recommend you get at the minimum:

  • 10.00 Chemical Parts
  • 20.00 Electronical Parts
  • 20.00 Flammable Parts
  • 10.00 Herbs
  • 30.00 Mechanical Parts
  • 30.00 Mushrooms
How to Get Lockpicks in Chernobylite Industrial Grinder
The Industrial Grinder lets you craft Lockpicks, but you'll need to take care of Power, Air Purity, and Comfort concerns first.

Step 3: Build the Necessary Workstations

Once you have all of those crafting materials, it's time to get to building! Once you've built your Workbench and a Sleeping Area, you'll need to make the following items (preferably in order:

1. Build a Basic Generator

You're going to need to power your new tools. You might be able to craft a higher-tier generator at the start, but a basic one will do for now.

  • 2.00 Mechanical Parts
  • 2.00 Electronical Parts
  • 6.00 Flammable Parts

2. Build a Laser Cutting Machine

This will unlock the ability to make the Industrial Grinder (and other things you need).

  • 12.00 Mechanical Parts
  • 10.00 Electronical Parts
  • 8.00 Flammable Parts

3. Build an Air Washing Unit or Air Purifier Unit

Some of your new toys will pollute the air and that's bad for your base — you'll need to build something to clean up the pollution. You have two choices, and either is viable (and easy to craft):

  • Air Washing Unit
    • 8.00 Mechanical Parts
    • 4.00 Electronical Parts
    • 4.00 Chemicals
  • Air Purifier Unit
    • 4.00 Mushrooms
    • 4.00 Electronical Parts
    • 4.00 Herbs

4. Build an Industrial Grinder

Finally, we get to the thing that will allow us to craft Lockpicks. There's just one more step after this!

  • 4.00 Mechanical Parts
  • 8.00 Electronical Parts
  • 4.00 Flammable Parts

5. Raise Comfort Levels

All of those workbenches have lowered your base's Comfort stat. Raise it up by building some nice furniture! The following items are cheap to craft:

  • Big FLower
  • Big Plant
  • Armchair
  • Metal Table

Step 4: Craft Lockpicks!

Now that all of your workstations are done, you can finally craft Lockpicks! Each Lockpick requires the following:

  • 2.00 Mechanical Parts
  • 1.00 Chemicals

A Lockpick is consumed on use, but it's almost always worth it for the goodies in the locked room. Happy hunting!


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