Below the Stone Potions Guide | How to Make Potions for Healing and Buffs

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Below the Stone Potions Guide - How to Make Potions for Healing and Buffs - Cover Image Talking to the Elf Lady About Potions

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Below the Stone Potions, how to craft them, and where you can find Flasks!

You'll surely spend most of your time in Below the Stone hunting for Resources and Mining valuable Ores, but sometimes you'll need a little boost to survive the tougher areas. Potions can heal you or give you powerful Buffs -- read on to learn everything you need to know about the Elf's alchemical concoctions!

Below the Stone Potions Guide - Elf Potion Brewing Menu
The Elf can brew many useful Potions for you if you have the correct ingredients -- and the Flasks to put them in.

How to Craft Potions

Crafting Potions is a fairly straightforward process in Below the Stone; you'll need the correct type of Flask and all of the needed ingredients. Once you have them, you can speak with the Elf to instantly make the Potion. It will then be deposited on your Hotbar or in your Inventory.

While finding the Resources for Potions can be challenging, the bigger issue is finding Flasks; they're not exactly easy to find unless you know where to look.

Below the Stone Potions Guide - Goblin Selling Empty Minor Flasks
You can occasionally buy Flasks from the Goblin.

Where to Get Flasks for Potions in Below the Stone

There are two ways to get Flasks for Potions in Below the Stone:

  1. Buying them from the Goblin
  2. Finding them as Loot in Chests or Dungeons

Buying Flasks from the Goblin is the most reliable way to get them as long as you have the Gold. Unfortunately, the Goblin's inventory is randomized. If he doesn't have any Flasks available, exit to the main menu and load the game again to reroll his inventory.

Below the Stone Potions Guide - Using Potion Buffs to Great Success
You can stack multiple Potion Buffs to seriously power up your Dwarf for a short time. (Ha... "short.")

Below the Stone Potions List

Here is a list of all of the Below the Stone Potions and what effects they give you.

Glow Potion Average

  • Recipe: 1 Empty Average Flask, 25 Gloweed

Gives 10 minutes of the Glow effect.

Health Potion Minor

  • Recipe: 2 Empty Minor Flask, 2 Mushroom Cap, 10 Blue Cap

Heals 30 Health.

You can often find these as loot in Dungeons and elsewhere, so avoid making these while you're still in Layer 1.

Health Potion Average

  • Recipe: 1 Empty Average Flask, 30 Mushroom Cap, 5 Purerose

Heals 50 Health.

Mangle Brew

  • Recipe: 1 Empty Average Flask, 5 Spider Leg, 10 Ghostveil

Thrown potion. Snares enemies with spider webs and damages them over time.

You can most easily get the ingredients for this Potion by thoroughly looting a Spider Cave in Layer 1; it's an abundant source of Spider Legs and Ghostveil.

Mining Potion Average

  • Recipe: 1 Empty Average Flask, 15 Slime Ball, 5 Copper Ingot

Increases your Mining speed for 2 minutes.

Regen Potion Minor

  • Recipe:1 Empty Average Flask, 15 Purerose

Heals 1 HP every 0.5 seconds for 30 seconds.

There's a chance that the Goblin will have this Potion in stock.

Swift Potion Minor

  • Recipe: 1 Empty Minor Flask, 20 Slime Ball

Increases movement speed by 200% for 2 minutes.

That's the end of our Below the Stone Potions Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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