Below the Stone

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Below the Stone is a roguelike action-adventure RPG developed by Strollart and published by Apogee Entertainment. Players take on the role of a novice dwarf going underground to battle monsters and mine riches on a randomly generated map.

The opening areas of the underground seem relatively safe; the greatest threats are the occasional Bat or Slime. However, digging further away from the center of the map will unveil even more terrible creatures such as Kobolds, Skeletons, and (of all things) Jellyfish. Even the loot you find is not safe -- a chest full of loot may actually be a deadly Mimic that's looking to make you its next meal.

Should you manage to complete at least one of your Quests, you'll safely return home and get rewarded for your efforts -- and that's in addition to all of the sweet loot that you scavenged in your explorations. You can safely tuck away all of your loot in the vault, a special stash that can be expanded as long as you're willing to pay some of your precious gold for additional space.

This grand hall is not just home to a vault, though! You'll also find a number of helpful merchants who are all too willing to buy your excess ore or help you by crafting better equipment and powerful potions. It takes a lot to survive the depths, and the people who live here are more than willing to help you -- as long as you're willing to pay their prices.

As you mount more and more successful expeditions, you'll be able to craft stronger weapons and tougher armor to keep you alive in the more challenging areas of the underground. There's a lot to explore in Below the Stone -- and a lot of things that want to kill you, too. Strike the earth!

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November 17, 2023 (Calendar)