April 2019 Game Review Roundup

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game reviews april 2019 roundup

It's ... April I guess? Most months have some kind of important thing going on that defines the month. April pretty much just exists. Like, it's a cool thing I guess? It's a buffer month between March and something actually important. There's April Fools, the day were you make yourself look more foolish than you already do normally by saying something stupid on the internet and then watching your friends suffer for it. That's about it. It's now the end of April which means it's time for you to suffer from the most foolish thing of all: our opinions.

Yes, it’s the TechRaptor Game Review Roundup! Here we collect all of our reviews and previews into one easy to digest article. So let’s dive right in and show you what we hit up in the existing month of April.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon

Summary: The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon is a bundle of glorified side quests that you might enjoy if you already enjoyed the base game quests featuring Hans Capon and the Charlatan of Sasau. 7/10. You can read our full review here.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Band of Bastards

Summary: Band of Bastards is essentially a short side quest consisting of five combat-driven missions and an extremely unsatisfying conclusion. 5/10. You can read our full review here.


We Happy Few - They Came From Below

Summary: They Came From Below focuses in on We Happy Few's greatest strengths and really shines because of it. While its short length and weird quirks hold it back from true greatness, this is probably the best thing to come out of Wellington Wells yet. 7.5/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: Islanders is a deceptively simple puzzle game where you build little cities to score points. More importantly, it's the absolutely perfect game for making beautiful picturesque villages you can fall asleep and dream about. 9/10. You can read our full review here.


islanders reivew whoops

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

Summary: Although the premise of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: EVERY BUDDY! is bland, the game's charm and personality shine through in its writing and music. Meanwhile, the dungeon-crawling gameplay can be excessively punishing and tediously grindy, but the experience is ultimately satisfying and rewarding. 7/10. You can read our full review here.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Summary: With pin-sharp combat, peerless world-building, and masterful movement mechanics, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice breathes brutal and savage new life into action gaming. 9.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Dangerous Driving

Summary: Dangerous Driving marks Three Fields Entertainment's first attempt at making a fully-fledged spiritual successor to Burnout. Its thrilling speeds and exciting action scratch the itch, but the tight budget, myriad of technical issues, and barebones content hold it back from being truly special. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Blaster Master Zero 2

Summary: A great game in terms of design and presentation, Blaster Master Zero 2 showcases how to do nostalgia right; by tweaking the familiar mechanics to the games advantage, making it feel fresh and unique. 8.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Falcon Age

Summary: The titular falcon in Falcon Age is awesome. Sadly, it's also about the only good thing the game has going for it. 3/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: Pathway throws in a lot of different gameplay elements, but it does everything well. The strategic combat is simple and fluid, and doesn't outstay its welcome. The vignette-like adventures are palatable and entertaining. And perhaps best of all, it's one of the best looking pixelized games in recent memory. 9/10. You can read our full review here.


Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

Summary: While Warcraft hasn't aged all that well it still manages to hold an engaging experience. Slightly shallow but at least it's still fun to play. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Weedcraft Inc

Summary: Weedcraft Inc makes for a fun new spin on the tycoon genre while tackling a serious social issue with bravery, humor, and compassion. 7.5/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: While Unheard stumbles through a few technical issues, it’s premise alone makes it thoroughly enjoyable. Though short, every minute of Unheard is packed with intrigue and there’s something immensely satisfying about having that ah-ha moment when all the pieces click together. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Zanki Zero

Summary: Zanki Zero takes the dark and compelling storytelling of Lancarse' Danganronpa and successfully applies it to a new genre. Mixing together heavy simulation elements with a deep narrative and first-person dungeon crawling this might not be the game for anyone but if you're in for a wild adventure this might be your cup of tea. 8/10. You can read our full review here.


Yoshi's Crafted World

Summary: Yoshi's Crafted World has a style that erupts off the screen, but it leans too far into simplistic gameplay. That's great for kids, but it's not the all-ages fun that Nintendo is known for. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


yoshis crafted world folded paper snake gameplay

Anno 1800

Summary: Anno 1800 is a rich city-builder with a staggering amount of depth. Although the tutorials could be clearer and more detailed, there's an impressive and addictive game here for those willing to give it the requisite time and patience. 8/10. You can read our full review here.


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Summary: Despite aggravating AI, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain's wealth of content, challenging difficulty, and empowering action make it the best EDF game to date. This is a tried-and-true EDF game for newcomers and veterans alike. 8.5/10. You can read our full review here.


One Finger Death Punch 2

Summary: One Finger Death Punch 2 manages to take a simplistic gameplay system and turn it into one of the most bizarrely addictive score chasers I've ever played. 9.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Heaven's Vault

Summary: Heaven's Vault manages to make me look forward to learning a new language, which is something I honestly never thought a game could do. 8.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Total War: Warhammer II - The Prophet & The Warlock

Summary: The Prophet & The Warlock adds some great new content to the base game. It's especially perfect for those looking for a challenge. 7.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Katana Zero

Summary: Katana Zero's gameplay is genuinely fantastic. It's the perfect choice for someone looking for the next frantic and challenging indie darling. 9/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: Forager demonstrates the importance of anchoring players in the world. It has great content, but that's hidden away behind random chance and hours of grinding. The idle-like mechanics are irritating at best, but the dungeon crawling and the puzzles come into their own. I only wish the rest of the game lived up to the excitement of finding a dungeon. 4.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Summary: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a solid game and a good time for fans of the franchise, and even people with more casual knowledge of the lore. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Summary: Phoenix Wright's story and humor stand the test of time, but the graphical upgrades do it no favors. While voiceovers would be appreciated, the sound effects and dialogue are creative enough to make up for it. 8/10. You can read our full review here.


Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition

Summary: Warcraft II is a fantastic RTS experience which still holds up 20 years after it was released. Even if the multiplayer is super clunky to set up. 9/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: Skyhill has an interesting premise, but its systems are ultimately too simple in design to provide any compelling choices during gameplay. The overall lack of progression or variety makes replaying it after completing it once feel pointless. 5.5/10. You can read our full review here.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Summary: SteamWorld Quest may be Image & Form's finest game yet, presenting a charming tale and a nuanced combat system wrapped up in a wonderfully cohesive style. 9/10. You can read our full review here.

steamworld quest 1


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

Summary: Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher's clunky controls and iffy late game bosses hold back what is a fun, if weird, VR first person shooter. 7/10. You can read our full review here.


Hell is Other Demons

Summary: A fun, but frustrating, bullet hell shooter with some of the best damn pixel graphics and chiptune sounds out there. 6.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Yuppie Psycho

Summary: Yuppie Psycho is one of the few survival horror games to keep me on the edge of my seat. Though occasionally bizarre and tonally strange, it has the all the makings of a great adventure. The puzzles are engaging, the story is gripping, and the horror kept me coming back for more. 8.5/10. You can read our full review here.


Fade to Silence

Summary: Fade To Silence is a mess of ideas that don't come together well enough to be worth experiencing. There's plenty of potential here, but every idea is half-baked, undercooked, and buried by other systems. 5/10. You can read our full review here.



Summary: Despite promises of great strategic and tactical depth, Precipice relies heavily on random chance and bad AI decision-making. Shamefully shallow, you're better off playing an actual board game for your strategy-game fix. 4/10. You can read our full review here.


Ghost Giant

Summary: Ghost Giant's fun puzzles and lovely story are well worth experiencing for anyone who may have access to PSVR. 8.5/10. You can read our full review here.




Summary: I’m still a little concerned about Etherborn‘s puzzles. There needs to be more mechanics for the full game. However, the rest of the package is in great shape. The philosophy is compelling, the game is beautiful, and there really are some good ideas here. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on, and there’s potential for some real puzzling goodness if the full package can find a little more to do. You can read our full preview here.


Risk of Rain 2

Summary: Even still, Risk of Rain 2 feels like a complete experience, and it still has around a year until it fully releases. There are hours of fun here with tons of loot and a great class variety. I hope that the developers can introduce a greater variety of bosses and fix some online issues, but overall it’s well worth a look. While the first Risk of Rain was a huge hit, I think that this sequel is going to be talked about and played by fans for a long time. You can read our full preview here.

riskofrain2 2

Final Fantasy VII Switch

Summary: Due to all of these upsides, it’s easy to recommend the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII. It’s an entirely faithful port that manages to hide some of its more dated elements if you choose to do so. 1997 me would be entirely wowed by this version. I’m still left impressed more than 20 years later. You can read our full impressions here.


Whispers of a Machine

Summary: Whispers of a Machine is definitely an interesting experience so far. The world-building is solid, and the basis for what could be some really intriguing stories played out in the rest of the game. With a likable protagonist, a fun system of bio-augmentations and cohesive puzzles, I’m excited to dive back in and find out what exactly this machine is whispering. You can read our full preview here.


The Pit: Infinity

Summary: Before the final release, I think the developers of The Pit: Infinity need to add some narrative to the game. They should give players some indication of where they are and what they are doing, even if it’s just a long note located in the start area. They also should give in-game explanations of all the skills, spice up the visuals, and optimize the performance. As is, the game is a little messy and lacks identity. The Pit is nameless, as is your character. Your quest is unknown and so are most of your skills. The consistent lack of context is what kills this title. You can read our full preview here.


Crypto Crisis

Summary: Crypto Crisis is a bland title that’s banking on the modern gold rush that is Bitcoin. It sounds like a cool idea, being there at the start of the first digital currency, but there’s almost nothing to this rendition of it. Maybe this is one of those situations that shouldn’t be gamified. You can read our full impressions here.


Reality Falls

Summary: From the first hour’s gameplay, Reality Falls hasn’t made any strong impressions, good or negative. Most of it, with the exception of the weird setting, is fairly mediocre. The puzzles are bog-standard, so is the pixel art, and it’s obvious that this was a game that some effort was put into. With some polishing up for the final release, as well as seeing how the story plays out, Reality Falls could end up being a fun little diversion, or just another “average” point and click adventure game. You can read our full preview here.


Nowhere Prophet

Summary: The developers in Sharkbomb Studios refer to Nowhere Prophet as a “living game,” in that it’s still in ongoing development. There will most likely be a lot of changes and new content to come. After a long pre-alpha period on itch.io, the game seems ready for an Early Access release. Hopefully, this new phase will work as a crucible to bring out its best, just as it happened with Slay the Spire. I definitely intend to keep an eye on Nowhere Prophet in the coming months. This is a unique deckbuilder that is able to fascinate and innovate equally both in terms of worldbuilding and card game mechanics. You can read our full preview here.



Summary: It’s strange to see a surrealist game where everything goes so smoothly. Each challenge builds on the last without feeling frustrating. Georgio’s journey from simple chauffer to FBI’s most wanted made me want to finish every mission, just to watch the cutscenes. Roundabout is the perfect storm of bizarre concept, cheesy execution, and fun game design. You can read our full impressions here.

roundabout game georgio

Hero of the Kingdom III

Summary: Much like its predecessors, Hero of the Kingdom III offers a fun fantasy experience, that doesn’t require too much thinking or strategizing. While the format could definitely benefit from a zoom button, it’s still a great diversion for those not looking to wrap themselves up in an enthralling plot for the next 40+ hours of life. You can read our full impressions here.


Sniper Elite V2 Remaster

Summary: We’ll have much more to say about Sniper Elite V2 Remastered as it gets closer to release. From what I’ve played so far, it seems like a great way to enjoy this classic game. With all the included DLC and a technical boost, it will almost certainly tide franchise fans over until Rebellion is ready with the fifth main game in the franchise. After going back and sampling this entry, I was probably wrong to wait on this series as long as I did back in the day. With hindsight and new possibilities ahead, I can proudly count myself among those awaiting fans. You can read our full preview here.


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Summary: I left Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles with some appreciation. Deep down, it wasn’t the most entertaining or even soothing experience for me. There are other games I like better for relaxation, an open-world adventure, or a shopping spree. I can take in any of these in short-to-medium doses before taking a break. There are other games I simply like more. But it wasn’t as boring as I initially thought. I just needed to find something that caught my attention. You can read our full impressions here.

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