The Best Apple Arcade Games

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GRIS' mother from the video game Gris holds an iPhone in her hand, showcasing the Apple Arcade logo

Just like both Xbox and PlayStation have subscription services that offer games, Apple has its own for all of its devices. The Apple Arcade has a ton of games to play and enjoy, and there are plenty of genres to explore. The best Apple Arcade games come in every genre, too. 

Some of these are indie darlings while others are triple-A spin-offs. Between the 15 games on this list (that are in no specific order), there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Tara, the main character of Wylde Flowers, stands on the deck of a ship in Wylde Flowers, one of the best games on Apple Arcade.
Tara's adventure in Fairhaven is perfect for the cozy farming sim lovers.

Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers is a relaxing and charming cozy game that follows the story of Tara, a young witch that’s helping her grandma and the family farm. Tara is a rural island farmer by day and a friendly detective witch by night.

Between all the lovable farming sim features, like caring for animals, nurturing plants, and befriending/romancing neighbors, players are also in the middle of a mystery. The island, Fairhaven, is full of beautiful areas to explore. 

There’s also cooking, crafting, mining, fishing, and (of course) magic to learn about and improve on. There’s plenty to do, and it’s the perfect cozy game for farming sim lovers out there. 

Game Dev Story Plus, one of the best Apple Arcade games, has a customizable office so you can keep your company productive.
Create your own video game in Game Dev Story+ and make it whatever you want.

Game Dev Story+

If you love management games and video games, then Game Dev Story+ is the perfect Apple Arcade game for you. You’re in control of a brand-new developing studio, and your goal is to keep improving the games you produce. 

You’ll do everything from hiring talent, deciding when to take risks, growing a following, and even working on money-making ventures on the side. You can give raises, tailor your products to fit certain demographics and genres, and decorate your studio how you like. 

The entire game-making process is here, starting with an idea pitch session and ending with marketing after the game’s release – you’ll even see critics review your games (just don’t get disheartened if they don’t like your first ones).

A Scout in Cozy Grove, one of the best Apple Arcade Games, talks with the Fire Spirit about how to best help the spirits on the island.
There are several comfy vibes in Cozy Grove, including the campfire that's reminiscent of Howl's Moving Castle

Cozy Grove

Do you enjoy playing games but don’t have hours every day to sink into a real-time title? Meet Cozy Grove. Players take control of a Spirit Scout, and their job is to help the ghosts of Cozy Grove rebuild the island.

Helping the spirits of animals (which are mostly bears) means fishing, gathering logs, digging up stuff, and even cooking. Players are able to decorate the island and take care of creatures, making it a very relaxing game to play. 

It’s likened to games like Animal Crossing, but there’s a catch – only so much can get done in one real-time day. Every day in Cozy Grove starts when you turn it on for the first time on a real-life day. There’s only so much content that can be done per day.

Some players like this since it relieves a lot of pressure and doesn’t require a large time commitment to keep up with.

The new and revamped Apple Arcade game The Oregon Trail portrays settlers trying to cross the Wild West.
Do you dare brave the Wild West and cholera?

The Oregon Trail

Take a gaggle of people across the wild west like never before in The Oregon Trail on Apple Arcade. This is a new and improved version of the classic PC game that people know and love with more party members, quests, journeys, and contracts.

Going through the game means making tough decisions about how to keep your party alive and your goods intact.

There are plenty of scenarios you’ll have to face, and there’s unlockable content you get from progressing that keeps the game from feeling stale (although that’s hard to do when there are hundreds of different situations you face on the road already). 

Whether you were an avid fan of the original or you’ve never played it, Apple Arcade’s version of The Oregon Trail is sure to keep you entertained.

The beginning of GRIS, one of the best Apple Arcade games, shows the main character, Gris, sleeping in her mother's hand.
GRIS+ is a stunning work to listen and play.


GRIS+ tells the story of a young girl who’s going through the stages of sorrow. The gorgeous indie darling was a hit when it was first released, and now Apple Arcade users can experience it for free. With stunning visuals and a stellar soundtrack, GRIS+ is an experience everyone should try out. 

The story of GRIS+ isn’t told through words, and the main character (whose name is Gris as well) uses different features of her dress to get around. The platformer feels intuitive to play, and the game is so beautiful it’s easy to forget that you’re actually playing a game. 

One of the best Apple Arcade games, South of the Circle, opens with an airplane wreck in a snowy environment.
Nothing is quite as intimidating as a game that opens up with an airplane nose-deep in snow.

South of the Circle

If you’re looking for an emotionally charged story, then check out South of the Circle on Apple Arcade. The story starts with Peter, a scholar who’s crashed in Antarctica in the middle of the Cold War. 

The story has elements of love and regret, and it’s a tale of survival as Peter and his colleague Clara try to survive being stranded. The animation is fully captured from performances from popular actors like Michael Fox and Anton Lesser, which gives the story a much more immersive feel to it.

It’s not just the visuals, either – the audio is highly praised, and it’s the perfect play for those who like narrative games.

Fantasian, one of the best Apple Arcade games, opens with the main character, Leo, running and sneaking around.
Fantasian is a must-play for JRPG lovers.


Final Fantasy lovers will love Fantasian, one of the best JRPGs on the Apple Arcade. The game is from the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Fantasian is your average great JRPG that’ll suck you in and keep your attention with roughly 75 hours of content.

The graphics are unique and feature 3D atmospheres with 2D characters, and it looks great on mobile devices. In fact, Fantasian won Apple Arcade Game of the Year in 2021. 

The game itself has several unique gameplay features, like recruiting enemies to auto-fight for you while you explore. Plus, like other JRPGs, there are plenty of ways to customize your battle experience between different characters in your party and power-ups to make battles go your way. 

Dead Cells Plus, one of the best Apple Arcade games, shows the player's character powering up with electricity.
Platforming action on the go is never a bad choice.

Dead Cells+

Do you enjoy getting to get killed over and over again in roguevania action? Then check out Dead Cells+. The 2D game will push you to your limits as you explore areas and try to get to the end of the game.

While getting to the end is the goal, there’s also plenty of exploring available. And, when you play on the Apple Arcade, you can compare your results to daily leaderboards for a sense of competition. 

There’s also Castlevania DLC that adds new places to explore, new weapons, and new boss fights. 

The small playable child in LIMBO, one of the best Apple Arcade games, is waking up on the ground.
Yes, LIMBO+ does get creepier than this.


Macabre lovers, check out LIMBO+. The spooky platformer follows a young boy’s journey into limbo while looking for his sister. It’s not just the haunting story or the creepy visuals that make the game great – the puzzles and sounds fit the atmosphere perfectly.

LIMBO+ has won over 100 awards, and it’s considered one of the best indie games out there. While it costs a decent chunk of money when you buy it on any other console, you have access to it on the Apple Arcade.

Alucard in Castlevania Grimoire of Souls, one of the best Apple Arcade games, fights on a 2D field.
This Castlevania mobile title is just plain fun, especially with an auto-attack feature that makes it feel like a quick play.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is an Apple Arcade exclusive title from the Castlevania series. Despite being primarily for mobile devices, Grimoire of Souls has 60 levels of vampire-slaying action to enjoy.

The game offers plenty of different characters to play, like Alucard, Charlotte, and Simon. There’s also equipment to choose and use, and daily/weekly missions to push yourself. 

Grimoire of Souls is also a delight visually and audibly as several artists from the previous games worked together to create the world. 

A Felyne in Monster Hunter Stories Plus, one of the best Apple Arcade games, reaches to try and stop an event.
Monster Hunter Stoires+ is perfect for monster-taming lovers and those that just like quirky games.

Monster Hunter Stories+

If you enjoy monster-taming games or Monster Hunter titles, then Monster Hunter Stories+ should already be downloaded to your device. The game uses a turn-based combat system where you control monsters in the same way you would a game like Pokemon

The art style of Monster Hunter Stories+ has a different charm compared to other games in the same genre, and it’s an incredibly fun adventure. There are also elements of adventuring and egg hatching. 

This excerpt from Dear Reader, one of the best Apple Arcade games, shows missing words in Pride and Prejudice, a Jane Austen novel.
Any excuse to read Pride and Prejudice again is always perfect.

Dear Reader

Literary lovers can enjoy Dear Reader, a unique puzzle game that uses word puzzles to describe over 50 classic titles. These puzzles include rearranging lines of text, filling in missing letters or words, and even playing editor by spellchecking the passage.

You don’t have to have read these works in order to play the games. You’ll be able to tell where words should and shouldn’t go in the puzzles, and it’s a great brain workout. Plus, some of the messed-up sentences are just funny. And if the puzzles do prove a bit too difficult, there are hints to help you along the way. 

Assemble with Care, one of the best Apple Arcade games, shows off an '80s-inspired tape recorder.
Assemble with Care is a great, relaxing game. 

Assemble with Care

Who knew that taking objects apart and fixing them could tell a story about the people who own them? The developers of Assemble with Care, that’s who. The townspeople around you might not have a lot to say, but you’ll discover plenty about their lives while listening to an '80s-inspired soundtrack.

The game is a simple, fun game, and the hand-drawn visuals set the mood as much as the music does. It doesn’t take much of a time commitment, and it’s a great choice for those who love diving into puzzles and stories.

Slay the Spire Plus, one of the best Apple Arcade games, shows deck battling with 2D combat.
Deckbuilding takes on a new meaning in Slay the Spire+.

Slay the Spire+

Slay the Spire+ is the ultimate deckbuilding game available on the Apple Arcade. The game's goal is to climb to the top of the Spire, but you’ll encounter enemies along the way. 

There are cards, items, and powerful relics that you’ll find on your journey. These can be used on your subsequent journeys to help you go higher and higher. Plus, because of the way deckbuilding works, you’ll be able to play through the game several times without it getting stale. 

The player stands at their farm at the start of Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley+

When it comes to indie hits, Stardew Valley could be considered the biggest one of them all. The farming simulator blew up when it was first released, and its popularity has stayed consistently high in the years since. 

After quitting the corporate race, the player moves out to a farm they inherited from their grandfather. There, they rejuvenate the land, forge friendships with the townspeople, restore the community, mine for ores and diamonds, craft anything and everything, and keep the town out of the hands of Joja Mart.

That’s not everything either – it’s easy to sink hundreds of hours into the game, so getting it on the Apple Arcade is a great way to take it on the go.

The Best Apple Arcade Games

The Apple Arcade goes under a lot of people's radars, but it has plenty of great titles. If you enjoy the constant rotation of games that services like the Xbox Game Pass have, then you'll love everything the Apple Arcade has to bring. Plus, there are always games being added to enjoy alongside these best games on Apple Arcade.


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