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techraptor critter catching

Cozy Grove, the latest game from Spry Fox, just released their first major update since the game launched this spring, and one of the biggest additions is the ability to catch critters! However, it’s a little more challenging than fishing in the game, so if you need some pointers, you’re in the right place!

First stop, Mr. Fox! You’ll need to buy the Critter Net before you can catch anything. It only costs a few hundred old coins and, like the fishing rod, it never breaks. Now you’re all set and ready to catch some critters!

There are 180 critters in total to catch, and like other collectibles there are different ones available in different seasons. Critters are also color-coded - Orange and yellow ones are Legendary, purple and blue ones are Rare, green are Uncommon and red are Common.

Cosy Grove Ground Critters - 60

Cozy Grove Critter

Ground critters are the easiest to catch and are the ones that look like small slugs, caterpillars and snails. They move the slowest of all critters, so a good strategy is to figure out the path where they’re likely to be going and stand a little bit ahead of them, giving you time to ready your net while they crawl towards you. They are also less likely to be startled and run away than other types of critters.

Some of the Legendary ground critters include:

  • Pimply Highschooler
  • No-Kids Creeper

Cosy Grove Scuttle Critters - 60

techraptor critter catching

Scuttle critters move faster than ground critters, but not by too much. These ones look like little crabs, crawling beetles and that weird thing that looks like a seashell that’s eaten a pair of eyeballs. Since they move faster, you probably won’t be able to position yourselves in front of them and pounce, so you’re better off trying to sneak up on them. Whenever you’re close enough to a critter of any kind to catch it, but not scare it, a question mark will appear above their heads. It’s the perfect time to grab your net and get them, but it works best if you’re already holding your net in your hands, otherwise they have time to scoot away.

Scuttle critters have periods of very frantic movement but will also stop and come to a brief rest at times, which is the easiest time to catch them. Don't run right up to them, because chances are you'll scare them off. Approach slowly.

Legendary Scuttle Critters include: 

  • Relationship Bug
  • Poly-Leafed Bug

Cozy Grove Flying Critters – 60

techraptor critter catching

Is it buzzing in the air? Then it’s a Flying critter! These guys are the most difficult type to catch, they flying extremely fast and erratically, with no real pattern to where they’re going.

Occasionally you can sneak up on them as with the Scuttle critters, but what works best – for most of them – is swinging your net and missing. They’ll be so startled that they stop moving and an exclamation point appears above their head, leaving you with the opportunity to grab them with a second swing. However, some are more skittish than others and will take off if you miss your shot. Flying critters also do slow down and rest like Scuttle critters, but it’s a much rarer event. Several of these will also take to buzzing around your head, in which case you need to run a short distance away and use your net to grab them when they follow you.

The best tip for catching critters? Patience and a decently quick trigger finger. They spawn almost constantly on your island, so if you miss one you’re not completely out of luck. Keep your net in your hands so you don't startle them and practice catching each of the three types to see what works best for you.

Legendary Flying Critters include:

  • Almost Semi-Pro 'Competitor'
  • Witch Doctor

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