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Wizard of Legend is an action roguelite game where the players will take control of a mighty wizard.

The main character takes part in a competition called "Chaos Trials" that consists of a series of dungeons with the purpose of giving the title of Wizard of Legend to the sorcerer that manages to get to the end of the series of floors and defeat every member of the council of magic.

The players are able to choose from more than 100 different spells to equip their wizards with, plus many outfits and relics that give different bonuses. This gives to the players plenty of customization options, with the possibility to tailor every run around a specific archetype or playstyle. Players will be able to mix spells with different effects in order to create amazing combos and take advantage of the synergies between arcanas.

The main bulk of the game plays like a classic roguelite. Players will enter a dungeon and fight their way to the boss while visiting special rooms to acquire new tools (there are three special tools per floor). After two minor bosses, players will have to face one of the members of the council of magic in battle and, after defeating all three of them, they will have to fight against Master Sura itself.

Wizard of Legend rocks a well-done pixel art visual style and a pretty enjoyable soundtrack. The screen can get a bit messy during the combat but the clean visual design helps to never lose track of what is happening on the screen.

The game lacks in variety for the environments and enemies and after a couple of runs, it can get tiresome to fight the same enemies in the same rooms. The variety of spells and interactions, though, can make up for this downside by giving the player an incentive to experiment with the tools the game offers.

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Humble Bundle
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May 15, 2018 (Calendar)
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