Wizard of Legend: Thundering Keep Update is Out

01/19/2020 - 13:30 | By: Mostafa Hossam
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Wizard of Legend receives new Thundering Keep content.

Wizard of Legend is an indie rogue-like dungeon crawler, featuring tons of powerful spells and satisfying moments when you hit the perfect combo. Developer Contingent99 hosted a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2016, raising over 72 thousand Dollars. The title finally saw the light on May 15th, 2018. Fast forward to now, and Wizard of Legend receives its expansion content updateThundering Keep. 

The new update brings us to version 1.2 and introduces numerous new spells for players to master and relics to collect. The Thundering Keep expansion introduces a new Lightning boss, stage, and new enemy types. Not only that, the studio addressed several reported bugs and performance issues. That's why a number of quality of life adjustments were made, including reducing the cost of Boss Rush, displaying outfit information in the equipment menu, and removing the Defense stat and replacing it with simpler wording. Certain Arcana and Relics received minor tweaking and balancing alongside the update as well. 

New Lightning boss, stage, and enemies


  • 24 new arcana
  • 6 new basic arcana
  • 6 new dash arcana
  • 12 new standard arcana
  • 12 new signatures
  • Minor adjustments to existing arcana (see below)
  • 39 new relics
  • Minor adjustments to existing relics (see below)

 New signatures, outfits, and more!

Wizard of Legend is an enjoyable title and a recommendation to anyone who is into 2D dungeon crawlers. Even if you missed out on it during its release, the new content expansion should definitely be enough to spark your interest in Contingent99's creation. There are a lot of similar indies out there, but Wizard of Legend does things differently with its magic spells and gameplay mechanics. The possible combos with the newly introduced spells and current are endless.

Make sure to check out the trailer below for a brief introduction to the Thundering Keep content. 


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