Wizard of Legend Adding Boss Rush Mode for One Year Anniversary

05/10/2019 - 21:32 | By: Robert Grosso
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The spell-slinging indie game Wizard of Legend is celebrating its one year anniversary this month. In celebration for that one-year milestone, developer Contingent9 is planning to add something new - a Wizard of Legend Boss Rush mode.

"This free update will be available later this month and will be a streamlined experience where you can face off against the bosses in the game in quick succession!" according to a post by Contingent9.

The free update will also include 20 new relics for players, and several quality of life changes to the game, and plans for brand new content to be released later this year.  No details on the new content have been made available, other than it will be a similar scale to the previously released game update, titled Sky Palace, and include a "lightning stage and boss fight."

Wizards of Legend is a roguelike dungeon crawl where players can utilize over a hundred different spells and relics to overcome the challenges of the Chaos Trials. Players will need to combine spells and relic power to create combos against enemies, and must use quick reflexes and precision, along with a mastery of their spells, to survive the gauntlet of challenges in the game.


Wizards of Legend is also notable for having a couch co-op mode, which can be played locally with either a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. The game has already released one major free update, the Sky Palace, which added the titular Sky Palace stage, over 35 new relics, Endless Mode and much more to the game.

Currently, Wizard of Legend is available on the PC to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Linux and Mac OSX versions are available as well.

What are your thoughts on Wizard of Legend? Looking forward to Boss Rush mode? Leave your comments below. 

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