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Human Head Studios
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November 12, 2019 (Calendar)
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Rune II is an action RPG set in Norse mythology. Play as a lone viking warrior, ressurected from the underworld to fight Loki and bring an end to Ragnarok.

Loki has found a way to manipulate the flow of time to create an infinite cycle of chaos. Rune II is broken into 90-minute real-time segments. Each cycle ushers in a new era: perpetual night, giant-filled lands, harsh ice-ridden landscapes, and more. You'll need to traverse many ages before amassing the power needed to defeat Loki.

Powerful artifacts can be found throughout Midgard - a land that Ragnarok has laid desolte. Artifacts are the key to opening the Realm Gate where Loki hides, and can grant the power necessary to defeat him once and for all.

Rebuild the longhouses that once stood across Midgard. Craft weapons, armour, and ships to traverse Ragnarok's fractured islands and find the artifacts. Brave the end of days alone or invite fellow warriors to join your journey through Ragnarok and face Loki.


Rune II is available on PC, currently exclusive to the Epic Game Store. A Steam release is scheduled for 2020.

Rune II developer Human Head studios closed down the day after the game's release, leaving the future state of the game unclear. Read our review to find out what we thought of the game and whether Human Head's collapse might summon the end of days for Rune II.

Developer Quote

Gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive. You have been chosen by the gods to be Midgard’s savior - receive their blessings and powerful abilities as you endeavor to end Ragnarok! Race against time to prevent the trickster Loki from destroying Midgard as he keeps the world in a perpetual state of chaos.