RUNE 2 Roadmap For Spring 2020 Announced

Ragnarok Games has announced the Rune 2 roadmap, with planned overhauls to combat, visuals and handling a number of bugs.

Published: February 10, 2020 9:00 AM /


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Developer and publisher Ragnarok Game have big plans for their action role-playing title, Rune 2, this spring. The game debuted on Epic Games Store on November 12th last year, and throws players in the rich and mythical Norse universe. The studio finally shared what their fans are asking for a while now, the Rune 2 roadmap for spring 2020.

The development team are overhauling and presenting major improvements to several features and core game mechanics. Combat is set to receive a number of changes, namely in how players block incoming attacks, removing stamina drain when performing light attacks, and generally improving the way fights pan out. Rune II players will be happy to hear that the studio might bring back one of the Ages previously released. The studio is focused on continuously improving the quality of life of the currently available Ages of Ragnarok.

The suggested changes include a "ton of visual polish," exploring the possibility of shifting the map and unlocking regions that weren't accessible in previous Ages, and even allowing the players to kick them off at their own pace.

Furthermore, Ragnarok are listening to fans' feedback on the repetitive nature and amount of grind needed to obtain artifacts to fight Loki. The team is looking into several ways to change up how the timer works, and even considering more ways to make the world feel more alive. Towards the end of the blog post, there was more clarifications on the new content, features, and possibly multiplayer modes coming to Rune II.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for how we want to update RUNE II. From making the loot that you get more meaningful to reworking character progression and animations, our small but mighty team is excited to get to work on making RUNE II the best game it can be. Additionally, we are looking into the best ways to improve upon RUNE II’s PvP mode, like adding new PvP maps and more game modes like Arena and Headball. We are also looking at the best ways to integrate mod tools and mapping support into RUNE II. When we have an update on these topics, we’ll share more information.

Unfortunately, the original co-developer, Human Head Studios, shut down and their entire staff moved to work under Bethesda as Roundhouse Studios. Since then, Ragnarok started to handle both ends of the stick, which eventually grew into frustration. The studio filed a lawsuit against Human Head Studios as there were missing assets and source codes the publisher's in-house development team needed to continue working on Rune II. The latest development is a case conference set for some time in April.

What are you most looking forward to see in Rune II? Anything you want tackled in the Rune 2 roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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