Rebel Against Ragnarok in RUNE II, Coming to the Epic Games Store November 2019

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RUNE II is a brand-new game from Human Head Studios where you and your fellow Vikings try to fight against the evil forces of Loki in intense action combat. It seems like a pretty sweet game going by the trailers, and you won't have to wait too long to get it, either — the Rune II release date will see this game launching on the Epic Games Store on November 12, 2020. The game's Epic exclusivity was announced earlier this year.

All About RUNE II

RUNE II is not a bog-standard medieval game with burly battlers and sharp swords. The world is literally ending, and it is only through the divine graces of the Gods that you'll be able to survive the upcoming battle.

Odin, Hel, and of course Thor will be available to help the player out in their battle against Loki. Judging by the trailer (which you can watch below), serving as the champion for each of these gods will grand you unique powers that you can use in battle. And worry not — pledging yourself to Thor will definitely let you bring the hammer down.

Multiple Versions Available on the RUNE II Release Date

As often happens these days, you'll have a choice to make on the RUNE II release date; three versions of the game are going to be available. Here is what each one will cost and what you can get:

RUNE II — Warrior Pack ($29.99)

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Warrior weapon
  • Warrior armor
  • World map digital download

RUNE II — Berserker Rage ($39.99)

  • Everything in the Warrior Pack
  • Berserker weapon
  • Berserker armor
  • Official soundtrack

RUNE II — God Slayer ($59.99)

  • Everything in the Warrior Pack and Berserker Rage
  • Ship of the Valkyrie
  • Viking Warlord armor
  • Sigurd's Axe
  • Founder's Banner

If RUNE II seems like your kind of jam, you can pre-purchase the game right now on the Epic Games Store.  Check out the Gods Interaction Trailer below to get a feel for the game! You can learn more about this upcoming Viking adventure on the game's official website.

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What do you think of RUNE II? Will you pick this game up when it launches or would you prefer to wait for it to pop up on another PC gaming store? Let us know in the comments below!

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