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Roblox Corporation
Roblox Corporation
Xbox One
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September 1, 2006 (Calendar)

Roblox is a free to play massively multiplayer online title that allows you to create your own games created in the Lua programming language. Millions of games are created each year in this incredibly popular platform, with over 58 million daily active users, 13.4 billion engagement hours, 4 million developers, and 9 million experiences captured during a recent 3-month period.

As for the games themselves, they can range from third and first-person shooters, RPG's, sports games, racing games, and much more. While enjoying the many games that are available, you can also buy, sell, and create items with the in-game currency called Robux to decorate your in-game avatar.

Roblox is available on PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.