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Inkle Studios
Inkle Studios
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October 22, 2020 (Calendar)
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Based heavily on Arthurian lore and legend, Pendragon follows the stories of the Knights of the Round as they organize to go against the jealous Sir Mordred.

Players will traverse through a dark ages Britain in this turn-based strategy game, where every move made drives the narrative. How you choose to approach your foes will shape the story and offer new gameplay opportunities that would otherwise be unlocked. Sometimes, you must also sacrifice your men, the question is who?

With multiple characters from Arthurian legend, players will interact with the likes of Sir Gawaine, Morgana le Fay, Merlyn, and more familiar characters. See their strengths and flaws play out in real-time, all in the name of attempting to save King Arthur himself from Sir Mordred's hand.

Pendragon is developed and published by inkle ltd, the team behind 80 Days and Heavens Vault

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AD 673. Camelot has fallen. The jealous Sir Mordred has broken the fellowship of the Round Table with hatred and lies. Now King Arthur faces his final battle. Who will keep the dream of Camelot alive?

Journey across Dark Ages Britain to face wild creatures, brutal rogues, and Sir Mordred’s dark knights. A randomized game board ensures every playthrough is new.

Fight turn-based battles with simple yet deeply strategic combat where position is everything, losses are inevitable, and every step permanently shapes the narrative.

Experience story and gameplay as one: Pendragon’s story plays out on the field of battle itself, driven by your decisions - and those of your enemies.

Choose a character to lead the adventure. Their personality will shape the story: Morgana le Fay is treacherous; Queen Guinevere is haunted by her mistakes; Sir Lancelot is French; Sir Gawaine is usually drunk...

Assemble a ragtag band of knights, heroes, and peasants whose dispositions and abilities grow and change with the story.

Live the legend: there will be love, suspicion, revenge, sacrifice and murder — and no one is safe, not even your leader.

Determine the fate of the kingdom: your actions determine whether Arthur faces Mordred alone or with his friends by his side.