Nightingale Header via steam of a character casting a golden spell in front of a purple portal within the woods
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Inflexion Games
Inflexion Games
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February 22, 2024 (Calendar)
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Nightingale is a first-person open-world survival craft game where players must build, craft, and explore the vast and mysterious realms through a series of portals. As you begin the game, you realize that you have been trapped within the arcane portal network, completely severed from the world you grew to know. This happening has forced you into the Fae Realms, where you must fight your way out in order to finally make your way back home. 

So what is your main goal? Become the greatest Realmwalker the universe has ever known, and traverse the labyrinth-like transdimensional portals. This is the only way for you to uncover the mystery of the beautiful city that is Nightingale, the last known stronghold of humanity.

To make this journey much easier, you will need to use Arcane Technology to craft better gear and weapons, as well as gather materials necessary for survival such as trees, ore, and plants. There are also other rare resources that can only be discovered deep within the core of each Realm, so be ever vigilant as you make your way through several different biomes including the Faewild forests, massive swamps, unforgiving deserts, and eerie jungles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Nightingale Release?

There is no set release date for Nightingale at this time, the developers state the game is set to release in the first half of 2023. 

Is Nightingale Co Op?

Yes, players can take their friends along with them into the Fae Realms in Nightingale. 

What platforms will Nightingale be available on?

As of right now, Nightingale will only be released on PC via Steam. 

Who made Nightingale?

Nightingale is both developed and published by Inflexion Games.